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EBC: Penelope's Heart Chart by PancakeShiners
EBC: Penelope's Heart Chart
EDIT: Sorry, Chara's not on the heart chart.  ;A; She's just neutral right now, but when there's more I'll add her, ok?
Also may add Dislike for Chrystal owo

So I've wanted to do this for a while.  Everyone else uses Sky's relationship meme but since I'm such a rebel, I refuse.  <w<
Anyway I felt nervous about taking people's art and applications and sticking them on the meme so I'll be drawing my own.  owo

Penelope's still a little shy in Ice Empire, but she's got one relationship I view as important.

By the way, originally she was afraid of all big cats, but I recently realized that it makes more sense to have a significant phobia of tigers.  Contrasts in color, such as the black and orange stripes on tigers, and just the general color pattern... some children with autism are freaked out by that stuff, and I thought I would sorta apply the concept to Penelope.  It was also a tiger that killed her owner, which is where the phobia comes from.  Tiger crosses who don't have darker colored stripes, or any at all don't have the same effect on her, it's the striking colors and color pattern that gets to the lynx.  She might be able to tolerate golden tabby tigers a little better, but still has a hard time remaining calm around them.
Please note that, like Sarah's fear of ghost types, I usually only use it for comic effect and when it is portrayed seriously, I try not to take it too far... I don't use it to gain attention or take control of a roleplay, though it does limit her a bit, considering the overpopulation of tigers.  xD

*Character doesn't have a thorough opinion of character yet; if there is an entry, it will change before the roleplay is posted
**The character has not met this cat in a note roleplay yet; permission to add to relationships not yet received

Fuzzydemon Rival
Star! Best Friend
Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U Family
Exclamation Important
Death Dead
Heart Mate
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black  Hate
Bullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Curiosity
Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  Like
Turquoise Bullet - F2U!Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Trust 
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple  Loyalty
Bullet; Green Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green  Close Friend
Bullet; Blue Sorrow
Bullet; Red Fear
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink  Love

NOTE: Penelope thinks Eli is a white lion with stripes, so her fear of tigers isn't activated.


Bullet; White Turquoise Bullet - F2U!Turquoise Bullet - F2U! [entry 1] I was down by the lake, cleaning Master's scarf, when this gladiator approached me.  We talked a little about scarves... he apologized for his fur, afraid it might have blinded me... can fur really do that? *flattens ears in fear* Anyway, that was it, really.  I don't know much about Eli besides his name and the fact that he too has a scarf... but he seemed nice.  I think I can trust him.

Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Turquoise Bullet - F2U!Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Bullet; Purple [entry 2] I was... feeling pretty down that night... about the same things that had been bothering me since before I arrived here.  Eli found me out in camp all alone.  To be honest... what he said, and how he tried to cheer me up... *smiles softly* I really needed that.  Afterwards, we just sat together beneath the stars... and that beautiful full moon.  We talked about the stars, and Eli said that we would always be together, that I was stuck with him.  Honestly, that's fine with me.  I really feel like if there was one cat in the entire world I could trust, it would be Eli.  I never thought I could say that about anyone again.



Bullet; White [entry 1] I feel kinda nervous sharing a meal with him, but he seems nice... 


NOTE: Aki looks like some sort of leopard or jaguar to Penelope, she's more intimidated of her than she is really scared.


Bullet; Red Bullet; Purple [entry 1] To be honest, this cat kinda scares me... but I was upset that so many other apprentices were training and helping their empire, and I wasn't... so I asked the first gladiator I saw to teach me something, and she agreed.  I feel nervous training under her, even if it's just for one day, because I really know nothing about fighting or hunting... and I don't get anything she tells me right.  But it's better than nothing, I guess...



Bullet; Black Bullet; Blue Bullet; Red [entry 1] ...she doesn't like me.  Why doesn't she like me? I wish I knew.  Maybe it's because I broke a rule.  She got real mad when I was about to go to the lake, so that must be it.  I'm sorry, I really didn't know that was a rule I was supposed to follow.  Please don't tell Ceres.  I'll be good, I promise!



Bullet; White [entry 1] to be added~!



Bullet; White [entry 1] I've never really... spoken to him before now.  He looks to be around my age, but he's not an apprentice yet.  To be honest he seems almost as shy as me... and he's nice, so I think I can trust him.  Really, though, I'll be fine, he doesn't need to worry about me.  But it's sweet of him.



Bullet; White [entry 1] I'msorrypleasedon'teatme- oh, you're not mad? Th-that's good.  But that lioness sure does talk a lot.  It's a bit exhausting, honestly... well, it means I can keep my mouth shut more often.


Bullet; Black Bullet; Blue [entry 1] My creator... she may seem nice and silly on the outside but she can be pretty mean to us characters.  She always tries to find ways to make me happy again though.  Something about people thinking I'm pathetic... which is kind of mean of her to say.  One thing I really don't like about Pancake is what she did to Jayden in this Empires Before Clans universe.  Couldn't you have kept him alive? Th-that would have been nice...

All characters (c) their respective owners
Heart Chart meme (c) DappledSun
Penelope (c) PancakeShiners
What is this now, Facebook? O.o

...I'll get used to it.

Just To Let You Know

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 7:16 PM
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So, in the past... Join.Me has been a major way to get in contact with friends, and was the easiest way for me to socialize... unfortunately my computer now hates me so I can't use it anymore... so sorry guys.  I will miss you.  </3 But I'm here if you need me.

EBC - Ophelia of the Fire Empire by PancakeShiners
EBC - Ophelia of the Fire Empire
I am so sorry, I can't draw tigers.  Oh well.  <w<

This cat is based off Cleo before she went Primal (thank goodness, keeping in mind that Sohnii is in the same Empire... dang, that would be awful.)

╰☆ O T H E R  N A M E S ☆╮
╰☆ A G E ☆╮
14 months [started at 14 months]
╰☆ G E N D E R ☆╮
╰☆ S P E C I E S ☆╮
╰☆ V O I C E ☆╮
A solid, strong, slightly deep voice.
╰☆ R A N K ☆╮
╰☆ T H E M E S ☆╮

Family & Traits

 Perseus; tabby tiger [coliseum fighter]
Mother: Mira; Siberian tiger [breeder; inbred]
Sister: Angelina [coliseum fighter]
Brother: Icarus [unknown]
Brother: Diomedes [unknown]

[this next group is the family that raised Philos and Ambrosia]
Half-Sister: Avelina; Siberian/Caspian tiger [breeder]
Nephew: Cassiel [unknown]
Nephew: Balius [deceased]
Niece: Camilla [unknown]

Half Brother: Ezykiel [Fire Empire] DappledSun
Half Sister: Leta [Fire Empire] SaintPumpkinMuffin


Dominant: 50% Chance
Bullet; Orange blue eyes
Bullet; Orange darker muzzle, ears, paws and back
Bullet; Orange face pattern
Bullet; Orange stripe pattern
Bullet; Orange white ear spots

Recessive: 25% Chance
Bullet; Orange spine stripe
Bullet; Orange dark brown markings
Bullet; Orange near-white markings
Bullet; Orange tail markings
Bullet; Orange smaller size
Bullet; Orange weaker strength and immune system
Bullet; Orange dark ear pattern

Carrier: 15%, 10% or 5% Chance
Bullet; Orange tabby mutation [5; paternal]
Bullet; Orange darker red pelt [10; maternal]
Bullet; Orange black stripes [10; maternal]
Bullet; Orange amber eyes [15; maternal]

Physical Attributes

Pelt-wise, Ophie is a rather normal tiger.  She has an orange-brown coat, with stripes and a few spots.  However, her markings are dark brown due to the tabby gene, and she has blue eyes like her brother.  She also has his ear markings.
In addition, her pelt has darker and near-white lighter areas.
She has a few scars that she obtained in a fight with her sister.

Ophelia was born very weak, which caused her to get sick.  However, she was still strong enough to survive, just as her sister Angelina did.  She's the second generation with the inbred genes, so it wasn't as strong in her as it was in her mother, Mira, and she received less of it than her sister.  In short, she's weaker and smaller than a normal tiger, but is on par with a weaker cat of slightly smaller size.   While she gets sick often, she's strong enough to eventually overcome the simple diseases that the average cat can get over.  She's slightly taller than a jaguar.


See the devil on the doorstep now, my oh my
Tellin' everybody oh just how to live their lives

It seems Ophelia's life started out rather average.  Her father was a prized coliseum fighter, while her mother was an inbred breeder.  She was getting old though; this was likely to be her last litter.  Two males and two females were born.  Both females were small and sickly, but managed to survive with special care.  Though a bit smaller than normal tigers, they weren't useless... they would still grow up to be decent fighters.  Ophelia's sister Angelina was the smallest, and because of this their rugged mother never really put much thought into her.  As a cub, though, Ophelia pitied her smaller sister, and would always stick up for her, even when it got her beaten up by her stronger and larger brothers or shouted at by Kira.  She has a few scars she received during this time.  The fights were seen as signs of good fighters, so little effort was made to stop them.  It's made her less than pretty, but she's never paid much attention.  She didn't like how Angelina was treated, and she loved her after all.  Ophelia, despite it all did manage to show her potential as a fighter.  When they were closer to being weaned, she helped her sister do the same, until the time came when they were to be sent to their new homes.  In the end, she didn't have a bad childhood.  It made her strong, and there was plenty of happiness too.  Happiness she shared with her sister.  But that was all about to change.

Sliding down the information highway
Buyin' in just like a bunch of fools
Time is tickin' and we can't go back, my oh my

At first it seemed that Ophie and Angelina were fortunate, because they were bought by the same person.  But it wasn't long before they were proved wrong.  The one who bought them was abusive, often pushing them too hard and sometimes coming home drunk as well.  From time to time he would forget to feed the cubs, or be aggressive towards them.  Their training sessions were a blessing, and even then it was still obvious that, as coliseum cats, it's likely that they wouldn't live very long.  Ophelia, the braver of the two, was always there for her sister.  Angelina always tried to be positive, and this was what stopped Ophie from becoming cynical, and helped her make life enjoyable for both of them.  However, their living situation was unstable.  Something was bound to go wrong eventually.

What about the world today?
What about the place that we call home?

It happened.
The tigresses' master came home drunk again, was particularly abusive towards Angelina, and Ophelia couldn't take it anymore.  She attacked the human.  She didn't inflict any serious wounds, but it was enough to startle him, and anger him.  It was right around the time that Angelina and Ophelia were ready for real fights, so it was a good time to sell her.  Angelina panicked when she found out, but Ophelia came up with a plan.  The two of them would fight against each other eventually... and when they did, Angelina would injure her, Ophelia would play dead and escape later, and the two of them would meet at the city gates at sunset, where they would escape to the empires.  Though frightened by the plan, she agreed, and the two cats parted ways for the first time.  It would be months later before they met again in battle.

We've never been so many...
And we've never been... so alone.

It was a happy occasion, almost, when the two sisters saw each other after being apart for so long.  Ophelia had spent her time in a dark, cold cage, much unlike her previous life.  It had been hard, especially all by herself, but the memory of her sister kept her alive and fighting.  She couldn't believe she was seeing her sister again.  She wished she could embrace her like she always had, but this was a battle.  And they had their escape plan.  She went easy on Angelina, who obviously didn't like fighting her, but they were eventually able to make it believable.  With a mock killing blow to the neck, Ophelia collapsed, appearing to be dead.  She was taken to a medic when it was discovered she was still alive.  After her injuries were patched, she killed all the humans in the room (there were only two, and one was the medic that owned Penelope), and carefully made her way out of the city.  Now she only had to wait.
But sunset came... and passed.  She hid through the entire night.  But Angelina never appeared.
She made the hardest decision she'd ever had to make... if she went back, she would never have another chance to escape... she might even be killed.  If she left, she would undoubtedly never see her sister again.  She decided that she would run to the empires anyway, a decision she's regretted ever since.

Once in the empires, she was a little unsure of what she should do, but in the very least her wounds are treated and healed, and she does try to prove herself a worthy apprentice.  Since then she's grown accustomed to Fire Empire, but she could never stop worrying about little Angelina.

It is worth noting, however, that's she's seen Ezykiel more than once.  She's noticed that the two of them share two physical traits.  She hasn't quite guessed that they're siblings, but thinks that they might be related somehow, at least.  It shouldn't be too long, though, before they do.

You keep watchin' from the picket fence...
You keep talkin', but it makes no sense!
You say we're not responsible, but we are, we are!
--Ana Johnsson, 'We Are'


"Now, now, sweetie.  Let's not lose our heads here."
She's a generally calm cat, even when she's upset she manages to maintain her cool.  She may get extremely angry from time to time, but for the most part she's collected.  She's not very competitive, has no desire to be in the spotlight, and usually doesn't share her personal feelings unless asked.

"Humph.  Just to let you know, this is a terrible idea."
Though not considered a cat who talks too much, she does communicate her thoughts often, even telling herself things.  More than that, she will always say what she thinks of a situation, unless she thinks it may hurt someone's feelings.  However, it may get on others' nerves all the same, often having to be corrected by gladiators.

"Oh, darling, you look terrible... what happened?"
She cares about the feelings of others, and will easily sympathize with a cat who's in emotional pain.  She will take note of the discomforts and fear of others, 
Patient: As long as she's occupied, she generally has good patience, but doesn't like it when she's not doing something useful.  Otherwise, she feels as if she's worthless to the empire.  She's not one to leave an unhappy cat without trying to comfort them.

Quick Temper
"Excuse me? I will not tolerate being talked to like a mere rabbit."
She's not easily offended, at least not personally, but she can be a bit irritable and can have a sharp tongue at times.  It's not uncommon to see her snap, even at the smallest things.

"What'cha need? I'm right here if you need me."
You couldn't quite say she's loyal to her empire quite yet.  Her eagerness to work hard has other motivations.  But when it comes to her friends and family, she would do anything for them, and will always stand by them.  As long as she has some sort of positive view of them, even if they've fought recently, she will be there for them.  However, if you betray her loyalty, you're unlikely to win it back.

"Ignis help me, I won't go home until our task is done!"
Once she sets her mind on something, she won't stop until it becomes absolutely impossible.  If she sees no reason to continue on, she will fall back, as long as all her companions do the same.  It can be rather difficult to change her mind.

"Come closer, dearie, so I can pull your tail off and clean the nursery with it."
Despite being calm and kind, she can actually be quite vicious when the situation calls for it.  She won't hesitate to resort to tooth and claw if she has to.  She's not a fan of diplomacy.  At the same time though, she isn't the type who would kill a cat either.  Humans are another story.

"Now, now... who might you little darlings be, hmm?" 
Perhaps motherly is not the best word for it, as she's still young, but she absolutely adores cubs.  It's the one thing that can stop her from being serious all the time.  If she's ever asked to take part in babysitting duty, she's going to enjoy it.

"Uh huh.....I don't get it."
She's often serious, and tries to act older than she really is, but she tends to take things a bit too seriously; looking too much into things, taking things literally, and often not getting a joke.  Some might say she doesn't have a sense of humor at all, but she really just isn't used to comedy, and can be a bit slow.

"Ah ha ha! Don't think you have me beaten!"
She always enjoys a good tussle.  This is the one time when she ceases to become calm and instead turns into a writhing bundle of fur, her mind completely absorbed in the fight.  She does know that there's a time and a place, though, and if asked to stop she will.  Also, she hardly ever starts playfights, preferring to join in on another's instead.

"Oh, come on.  It's not like I'm stupid.  I know what I'm doing."
She thoroughly believes in herself, and isn't quick to doubt whether or not she can do something.  This often causes problems for her, though.

"You look a bit down, dear.  Perhaps I could lighten the load?"
She's easily in tune to the needs of others, and will go out of her way to help them.  She doesn't mind spending time with other cats, so she has no problem offering support and assistance.

"New faces make me nervous.  You have a lot to prove before I'll trust you in the slightest."
She's not quick to trust strangers, or mostly anyone new to the empire now more than cats she's never met.  It will take her a while to warm up to them, and will actively display her displeasure towards strangers, even rudely at times.  However, it's usually short lived.  After you prove yourself, if you manage to leave a good impression and have had nothing to do with the Bounty Hunters, she's likely to trust you just as well as everyone else.

"What are we waiting for? Let's get this over with!"
She tends to leap into situations, acting on her first impulse and not thinking things through.  She is almost stubborn, and needs help seeing that she's not being rational.

"What's there to be done? Anything at all? Otherwise, I'm practically a rug."
Though calm, and appearing to be slow, she's always eager to play her part, and does so very actively.  She's always occupied.  It doesn't do for Ophelia to just sit around all day, both for others' sake and her own.

Hard Worker
"C'mon then.  This place isn't gonna clean itself."
She isn't known to slack off.  If something needs to be done, no matter how small or difficult, she's more than willing to do it.  After, even small things are useful... even one cat is part of an empire, after all.  She feels everything she does is always worth it. She also values lots of little tasks, like cleaning around camp more than big things like battles and patrols.

Attention to Detail
"No, no, no.  This is in the wrong place.  It's supposed to be three inches to the left."
Ophelia tends to sweat the details more than the big things, which can stop her from looking at the big picture.  But it also means she'll notice things that others may have missed.  However, she's not especially observant or calculating.

"Wait a moment... something's not right here."
She's very alert to her surroundings, especially when outside of camp.  She tends to be suspicious of anything that seems out of place, and will quickly take note of changes going on around her.

"...oh, nothing's wrong, dear.  Just thinking... about the past."
Concerning her sister, it seems her new life has almost washed the memory of her away.  But she's never been able to forget her sister, and hopes that someday, she can rescue her... if she isn't in the empires already.  Every now and then she can be caught staring in the distance or at the city, thinking of the time they'd shared together, wishing that she'd tried a little harder to formulate a plan for their escape.  She doesn't mind talking about these feelings, but keeps them to herself unless she's asked about it.


Paw Bullet (White) - F2U! = Respect
Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! = Hate
Paw Bullet (Purple) - F2U! = Love [friends and family]
Paw Bullet (Brown) - F2U! = Dislike
Paw Bullet Zebra (Outline) - F2U! = Neutral
Paw Bullet (Blue) - F2U! = Loyalty
Paw Bullet (Pink) - F2U! = Love [crush or romantic relationship]
Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! = Friend
Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! = Sorrow
Paw Bullet (Dull Pink) - F2U! = Fear
Exclamation = Important Relationship
EBC: Viviana of the Air Empire (WIP) by PancakeShiners
EBC: Viviana of the Air Empire (WIP)
I can't wait to start using this kitty! <3

Vivian; the eternal flame

╰☆ O T H E R  N A M E S ☆╮
Her real name is Viviana, but she likes Vivian better.
Close friends call her Vivi, Vi, or Viv.
╰☆ A G E ☆╮
8 months [started at 8 months]
╰☆ G E N D E R ☆╮
╰☆ S P E C I E S ☆╮
Jungle Cat [Felis chaus]
╰☆ V O I C E ☆╮
A smooth but high pitched voice, sharpens when she's angry.
When I write with her, she has simple speech, and she uses mostly small words.
Her voice is really exaggerated when she's angry, excited, sad, ect
She tends to say things she doesn't mean from time to time, 
and also uses sarcasm a lot
╰☆ R A N K ☆╮
╰☆ T H E M E S ☆╮
Unbreakable by Fireflight
One More by Superchick
One Girl Revolution by Superchick
Suddenly by Superchick

Family & Traits

If you'd like your cat to play some part in her history, or be related to Vivian, please let me know.  :] 

Sister: Unknown; Jungle Cat [alive]
Sister: Unknown; Jungle Cat [alive]

Grandmother: Asha; Jungle Cat [most likely deceased]
Grandfather: Mosi; Jungle Cat [killed  by trappers]
Mother: Carlina; Jungle Cat [Breeder; alive]
Aunt: Jocelyn; Jungle Cat [Fighter; whereabouts unknown]

Grandmother: Sanura; Jungle Cat [skinned for her pelt]
Grandfather: Enzi; Jungle Cat [skinned for his pelt]
Father: Badru; Jungle Cat [Noble; alive]
Uncle: Kondo; Jungle Cat [Sailor; alive]


Dominant: 50% Chance
Bullet; White faded stripes
Bullet; White rusty areas
Bullet; White broken stripes
Bullet; White face markings
Bullet; White darker lower legs
Bullet; White slight ear tufts

Recessive: 25% Chance
Bullet; White large size (longer legs; retained from maternal grandfather)
Bullet; White rusty muzzle 
Bullet; White greyish brown fur
Bullet; White belly spot pattern
Bullet; White green eyes
Bullet; White black toes

Carrier: 15%, 10% or 5% Chance
Bullet; White dark blue eyes [paternal; 15%]
Bullet; White brown fur color [maternal; 10%]
Bullet; White no stripes, aside from lower legs [maternal; 15%]
Bullet; White melanism [paternal; 5%]

Physical Attributes

When she was born, Vivian was smaller than her two sisters.  She wasn't a runt, she was just smaller.  Some time after she had left her parents, Vivi started to have frequent growth spurts; though she was born small, she would, will continue to grow more than a normal jungle cat, resulting in a larger individual.

I wouldn't call Vivian frail... she definitely has a lithe, slender build but she's not weak either.  She's capable of taking down cats larger than she is by herself.  When it comes to larger cats like leopards, jaguars, and cheetahs, she can usually fight them when someone's with her.  Giants like tigers and lions she avoids; though with her speed an agility, she may be able to assist an attack by delivering blows and avoiding the worst her enemy dishes out, it's risky and she is better off avoiding them unless she has good back up.

Viviana has long legs and a thin, tapering tail that is about a third of her length from her nose to the base of her tail.  Her ears are very large and spaced close together on the head, and have slight ear tufts.  The faded tripes and spots are highly restricted to certain areas of her body, particularly her head, neck, ears, legs and tail.  Her ticked fur may give a slight speckled appearance.  Her general fur color is tawny grey with areas of rusty brown pigment.  Vivian has red muzzle spots, white spots on her ears, and black ear rims.  Her muzzle and chin are also white.  Her legs have white stockings with black toes, and the very tip of her ringed, faded tail has a black tip.

I'd also ask you to take a close look at the markings on her forehead that stretch between the ears... they're darker than the other stripes on her face, and have a darker brown beneath them.

Vivian's shoulder plates, stomach guard, neck brace and chains are all made out of nickel.  However, the largest pieces are thin, and the chain pieces are small, so it doesn't hinder her two much.  She has a light blue cloth cape that hangs over one side; it's not long enough to trip her.  She also wears three feathers from her first kill attached to her cape.  Two empire markers are on her neck brace, and the empire crest is on each of her shoulder plates.  

She also  a white blanket with a golden rim that she brought from the city.  Except for gatherings, she usually keeps it in the den.  She uses it mostly to keep warm.


Where are the people that accuse me?
The ones who beat me down and bruise me?

Vivian never knew her parents' history in detail, to be honest.  Her grandparents all came from the same general area of the Kalahari Desert is southern Africa.  Her maternal grandmother was pregnant at the time, and his mate died trying to rescue her.  Her father and his brother were very young at the time.  Their parents were captured successfully, but both were skinned for their pelts, because they were too wild to be pets and not big enough to fight, their cubs hand raised from that moment on.  Her mother became a fighter who was frequently bred, her father became the pet to the same nobleman.  At some point, they were bred, and the proud parents grew quite close.  Two of their daughters pleased them, but one was smaller than the other two, and for that reason she did not get the same attention they did.

She wasn't a runt, she was just smaller than the other two.  There was nothing she wanted more than to please her parents, but she embarrassed them, and they didn't think anything good would come out of her.  She was smaller than her two sisters, so she was picked on a lot, and teased for her smaller size.  Vivian became timid and lacked confidence in herself.  She probably would have given in and let herself perish if it weren't for her other family members, her Aunt and Uncle, who would sometimes look after her and were not as proud as her parents.  Aunt Jocelyn was the kind, nurturing figure that Vivian needed desperately.  While that was important for the growing cub, Uncle Kondo had a much bigger impression on her.  He always told her exactly what his parents had told him, what it was like being a truly wild cat, what it was like to be free and independent, and told her of his parents' adventures, the same stories they'd once told him.  This filled Vivian with hopes and dreams of her own, and despite being very timid, she kept telling herself that she would have adventures too.  All the games she played with Kondo were based on their ideas, and though she didn't feel happy at home, Vivian was able to grow into a good cat by the time she was weaned.

They hide just out of sight... Can't face me in the light...
They'll return, but I'll be stronger!

Soon enough, Vivian was weaned and ready to go to her new home.  She openly welcomed her chance to leave home, but was greatly disappointed when she was bought as a pet instead of something more exciting.  There were many things she quickly learned, one of those being avoid the big, scary snow leopard at all costs.  Slowly, though, she began to enjoy her new life, although she longed for so much more.  She remained rather timid though, especially when living in the presence of Enril, a cat she had branded dangerous.  Even though she was on edge in her comfortable life, she was starting to get accustomed to it.  When her aunt Jocelyn discovered she was pregnant, she planned to run away to the empires, and take young Vivian with her.  Afraid of what might happen if she were to attempt escape, she refused.  Vivian never saw Aunt Jocie again, and before long began to regret her decision... she'd certainly heard the stories about the free and adventurous life of a cat living outside the city walls, and from that time on, it became a dream that her experiences and imagination nursed inside her mind.  One of those such experiences was her friendship with Danegan.

Danegan was Enril's son, but he didn't appear to be like his father it all.  He was younger than Vivian, but it wasn't long after she had arrived to the merchant's home that she began to get to know the young snow leopard.  She found him upset by his father's behavior; Enril really wanted his son to be a hunter, but Danegan didn't want to be.  Vivian had heard about the hunters, and it was always just another dream to her.  She didn't understand why the snow leopard would rather have a boring life than one filled with excitement.  Upon hearing his reasons, however, and learning more about the hunters themselves, she began to agree with him, but her striving to have freedom and adventure only increased.  

Danegan's personality had a positive effect on Vivian.  Steadily, she grew more confident and decided that she would do everything she could to be much braver and bolder, and she found it all that much easier when she was around her friend.  She loved to spend as much time as she could with him, whether that be playing games, joking with eachother, the occasional playfight, or just talking about whatever suited them.  She would also sneak out of the city with him whenever the chance arose.  Before long, it became very difficult to separate her from the snow leopard.

God, I want to dream again! Take me where I've never been! 
I want to go there... This time I'm not scared!

By the time their occupance in the city began to close, Vivian and Danegan had a close relationship.  This, however, did not sit well with Enril.  He was upset with his son's rebellious, adventurous behavior, and might have even blamed Vivian for her various dreams and aspirations, and taking his son away from him.  He began to attack his son out of frustration, trying to get him to train to fight, and once or twice he even attacked Vivian in his anger.  Vivian and Danegan were (I'm guessing) on the same page; Enril was making it increasingly difficult for both of them to live happily, and despite living a free, comfortable life, Vivi was quite enraged and upset with how things were turning out.  They'd spoken about the empires before, about escaping the city.  They'd managed to do so many times already, after all... it seemed like an ideal option now.  So the two of them escaped the city and ran as far as they possibly could, later being found by an Air Empire Patrol.  Vivian has taken well to life in the empires.  She hasn't been promoted to apprentice yet, but hopes to soon so she can start having fun adventures of her own.

Though she's a bit young, when taken out on a tour of the territory, it was shown that she was very observant and a fast learner, and had a talent for certain things.  For this reason, Vivian was given the Gladiator rank rather than Apprentice.

Now I am unbreakable! It's unmistakable.
No one can touch me, nothing can stop me!

-- Fireflight, 'Unbreakable'


Easily Offended - "DID YOU JUST CALL ME SHORT?!" <-- catch phrase
Unfortunately, Vivian has a tendency to be sensitive and easily offended.  Part of it comes from the fact that she doesn't want to seem weak or vulnerable, but in any case you might want to be careful what you say around her, or you'll be getting a bit of a tongue lashing from this jungle cat.

Social - "Hi there! What's going on? I hope life is good for you."
Vivian has a very friendly nature, sometimes even to a fault.  She's always trying to meet new cats and learn more about them, especially those who seem more shy or timid, or might need a little cheering up, because she was like that when she was younger, and doesn't want others to feel that way.  She's definitely the type who likes to talk and carry a conversation, and may gossip mildly unless she feels it might be harmful.  From time to time though, she may find it hard to keep a secret.

Nosy - "Hello! What's your name? Where'd you come from? I like rabbit the most, how about you?"
Vivian tends to be a little too curious and friendly, to the point of imposing on others.  She doesn't mean to, of course, but it can take quite a bit to make her realize that her constant questions and prying can be annoying, or even make others uncomfortable.  When she does, however, she's going to feel really bad about it, and apologize immediately.

Optimistic - "I think from here on out, things will get better.  For both of us!"
Vivian has always had a very sunny outlook on things.  She almost always tries to see the cup as half full, except in the worst or more tragic situations.  She's almost always hopeful, holding on to the belief that the next day could always be at least a little better, partially because she doesn't want to lose faith and lose herself in her own doubt.  

Adventurous - "We're finally here! Can you believe it? Soon we can explore the territory and start hunting for the Empire!"
For as long as she could remember, Vivian has always liked the idea of freedom and adventure.  Her wild-born relatives told her of times when they had the world all to themselves, which is where this desire came from.  Even as a pet kept inside her owner's home, the jungle cat dreamed of exploring, running, and playing out where the world was hers to find.  That's not exactly what she got when she joined Air Empire, but she still has that same longing and mindset in her everyday life.

Curious - "What's that you're doing? Can you show me how?"
Vivian has always been very inquisitive and curious.  She's the type to go towards things that seem strange and unusual, is always trying to learn, and wants to know as much as possible when it comes to what's going on around her.  This can sometimes make her seem a bit annoying, and often gets her in trouble too, often of the dangerous variety.  After all, curiosity kills the cat.

Active - "Hey, if you're not busy, would you like to do something? I'm bored!"
Vivian is almost always full of energy.  She always needs to be doing something during her waking hours, otherwise she'll be easily bored and very irritable.  She'll usually fix this by doing whatever the others are doing, whether they like it or not.  She also likes to be involved in the activities that are having the most action.

Cheerful - "Silly! Pigs can't fly! It's just an expression."
Vivian has a very bright personality, as hinted above.  Most of the time, she's usually smiling and trying to share her happiness with the rest of the world.  She'll often joke around and generally enjoy her life, even enjoying races and games as if she were a much younger cat.

Just - "As much as I might want to, we shouldn't kill another cat unless it's completely necessary."
Vivian has a strong sense of justice.  She'll help cats in trouble, doesn't tolerate cruelty, and won't do things she views as immoral.  This is a major driving force in Vivian's personality.

Protective - "Oh, no! That cat's in trouble! Come on, we gotta help them!"
Vivian has a loyal and defensive personality, and won't hesitate to protect her friends.  This also expands to any weak cats, or those in danger.  She has a sense of justice and won't let someone defenseless remain so.

Loyal - "Don't worry! As long as you need me, I'll be by your side."
Vivian has extremely strong loyalty, to her empire, friends, acquaintances, and just about anyone else whom she feels deserves it.  This loyalty, once formed, is extremely hard to shake.  She will believe in and trust these cats even if someone is trying to tell her that they're using her.

Daring - "I'm not scared! You're on!"
Vivian doesn't like to seem as if she's a coward, and for that reason she's always trying to prove herself.  Vivian will take dares and challenges without hesitation, especially if someone taunts her, saying that she's too scared.  This often ends badly for her.

Jumpy - "GREAT SATOR! You scared me! Don't sneak up on me like that."
Despite being braver than she used to be (or in some cases, acting as if she was) Vivian tends to be very easily startled and on edge.  She always seems to be very alerted, tuned to the smallest sounds, moves, and scents.

Hot-tempered - "How dare you call me that?!"
Vivian is quick to anger.  Paired with her sensitive trait, this can be rather disastrous and/or amusing.  Her anger will often cause her to act without thinking, especially in a battle, and is easily her biggest flaw.

Determined - "We all have too much to lose! I've come way too far to give in! I refuse to fall! Not now, not ever!"
Vivian has an iron will.  She knows what she wants.  She will shoot for it till the end, won't give up until defeat is inevitable, and will keep it up for long periods of time if she has to.  This is often seen as stubborness, which is often true.  Once she's made up her mind, while not impossible, it's difficult to change it.

Judgmental - "I'm heard about you! I'm not sure what you're up to, but I won't let you take advantage of me."
Vivian takes things for their face value.  She thinks that first impressions are very important, and so is your reputation.  Once she's judged you, it can take quite a bit of effort to change her mind.  She's unlikely to take well to cats with bad reputations.

Dreamer - "I was taken in as a pet.  It was a good life, but it was never enough for me.  What I really wanted was adventure and excitement! It's a big world, and I'd like to see it all."
Vivian holds fast to her aspirations.  She sets her goals for the stars, no matter how impossible her dreams may seem to achieve.  She's always had big dreams and desires of her own, and always strives to make them come true, despite what anyone else might say.

Likes to Fight - "Hey, why don't you and I go a couple rounds?"
If it weren't for the whole 'fight to the death' thing, Vivian would have loved to be a coliseum fighter.  She used to learn from and spar with Danegan occasionally, and came to enjoy it rather quickly, so now she's happy to do a little practice fighting anytime she gets the chance.

Unforgiving - "'Well' nothing! I will never forgive him for hurting you! And you still choose to trust him? What's wrong with you?!"
If you do something to offend or hurt Vivian, especially if you do so multiple times, she's likely to hold a grudge forever, and want nothing whatsoever to do with you.  She'll take every opportunity to remind you of this too.

Responsible - "Don't worry.  I know my empire expects me to do my part, and I won't fail them, even if it means a little less adventure than I'd like."
One thing that Vivian learned quickly about empire life was her obligations to the empire.  She wanted adventure and freedom, but it comes with a cost, and she accepted that immediately. Once an apprentice, she's willing to become as responsible as possible to prove that she was willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her dream.  She won't usually do extra work unless she's asked, because she likes to have fun too.

Intelligent - "We should think about this carefully.  A good tactic will give us the advantage!"
She's always been rather smart.  Vivian is good at looking at a situation from different angles, forming plans of action, and learns quickly.  Sometimes her hasty behavior will block out this trait, though, when it comes to her judgement.

Reckless - "No more sitting around! Let's go already!"
Vivian has a tendency to just rush into situations, even if she knows it's a stupid decision.  She's not very patient in general, and always tries to be brave, not knowing when to draw the line.  In addition to actions, Vivian also is reckless in the things she says.  She may often say things she'll regret.

Cocky  - "Guess you‘re not as good as you thought you were!"
Though she's not overflowing with self confidence, Vivian can sometimes be a little cocky and sure of herself, which can sometimes lead her to make bad decisions, but it doesn't cause her to think she's better than anyone else, and will tone it down a bit if someone asks her to stop.

Brave (or tries to be) -  "Take one more step and I'll shred you.  You're not getting past me!"
Vivian always tries to have courage and bravery, no matter the situation.  A lot of it, though, is a mask, because she was not originally a brave cat.  She's often more scared than she seems, and someone who knows her well enough can tell when this is the case.  

Immature "What?! He started it!"
Vivian can get a bit petty sometimes, and will often act less than her age when it comes to arguments and her behavior, but will still listen to her superiors when they tells her to stop, if not a bit annoyed in the end.  (note: sometimes Vivian can be slightly irritable)

Compassionate  -  "What's the matter? It's ok, you can tell me.  What's on your mind?"
Vivian has a very kind and caring nature.  She doesn't like to see others in distress, whether they be scared, hurt, or depressed.  She's always a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, or the one to cheer you up when you need it.

Excitable  -  "Ooh, this is gonna be awesome!"
Vivian gets excited very easily.  It quickly motivates and energizes her when she's excited by something, and she might even start acting a little silly and hyper if she's looking forward to something enough.  It can take a bit to calm her down.

Jealous "Wish I knew what that was like..."
Though this trait isn't strong enough to really control her actions, it does exist.  Vivian tends to get a little jealous when it comes to cats who have strong family bonds, because she never had good relationships with her mother, father or siblings, and probably never will.  However, she doesn't let her jealously rule her.  She won't bully these cats because of it, and she does try to respect and appreciate others' family relationships.

Skeptical "I can‘t believe you! I won‘t! I don't understand why he's acting this way… But he‘s our friend! And he promised!"
When it comes to her beliefs and friendships, it takes a lot for her to change them, even if it's quite obvious that she's wrong.  Vivian is very opinionated and feels very strongly about pretty much everything, which is why they're hard to shake.

Needs Support - "I won't give up anymore.  Not while you're here.  Come on! Let's go home, together!"
Although she's very outgoing and bold, Vivian doesn't do well without support.  She always prefers to have a trusted friend or acquaintance by her side which, with her friendly personality, isn't hard to do.  She can function when she's by herself, but she feels much more comfortable and motivated when she's not alone.

Afraid of Tragedy - "'re kidding right? They... they're coming back, right?"
Although she didn't have the most ideal childhood, her entire life before coming to the empires was rather simple.  Vivian hadn't experienced much tragedy, but when she does now, especially concerning the Hunters she doesn't take it very well, and would much prefer to dismiss it.  In truth though, she is heavily affected or even discouraged by such things.

Sarcastic "Ha ha! Very funny.  A pebble? I‘m so scared, my fur is falling off!"
Vivian tends to use a lot of sarcasm, which comes in both flavors; she can use it to make a joke, when she angry, or even rather casually.  She often forgets to stop being so sarcastic around cubs or other cats that take things literally, and therefore have a hard time understanding sarcasm.


~Vivian's defining factor is that she fears, technically, fear itself.  She's a lot braver when she was when she was younger, but she's still rather nervous and skittish, and constantly pushes herself to be braver.  She doesn't want to become that timid, sulking cat again, so she always tries to have courage.  She hasn't learned where the line should be drawn though, and always feels like she has to prove herself, causing her to always make rash, sometimes even stupid decisions.  She's the type who will go above and beyond to prove she's not a coward.

~Vivian doesn't appreciate being judged for her smaller size, and will always get offended, sometimes unnecessarily.  She knows she can't fight as well as, say a tiger... but that doesn't mean she's worthless.  Part of this is due to her being smaller as a cub; her parents and siblings judged her for that.  It also comes from her will to prove herself, and not to seem like a coward.

Roleplay Examples

[Penelope; 599 Words]

There was a full moon tonight. The light bathed Ice Empire's camp, casting a soft, bluish white glow on the landscape. For the most part, things were very peaceful aside from some small sounds emitted from the Apprentice's Den, barely heard over the sound of crickets chirping all around the Massilian escapees.

Little Penny turned in her sleep. Little, uncomfortable sounds came from the lynx cross occasionally, until eventually the apprentice sat up, her eyes wide and pupils dilated. Sighing, she looked down at her paws, playing lightly with the moss and grass underneath her. She'd never been one to have nightmares often... much less about the death of Master. That was a day she tried not to look back on, if she could help it. And after all, it'd been months since that day... she didn't understand why she couldn't forget it. It was over. She had a new life now. That should be enough to let it go... right...?

The pale lynx laid down again in her nest, but as she tossed and turned, memories both good and bad conflicted in her mind; sleep simply wouldn't come. Eventually, her fears turned to the darkness around her, almost feeling consumed by it, as if it might swallow her. Wincing in fear, she immediately shot up into a standing position and darted outside, hoping that it might be at least a little lighter away from the enclosed space of the den.

Once outside, she took a deep breath, and glanced around real quickly. Alone.

...perfect. Just what she needed right now. At times like this, when she felt rather distanced from her empire mates... Penelope needed to be alone. Though a small part of her still wanted a friend or two, right now it was better to feel lonely.

Then she took notice of her surroundings. It was funny... there were patches of lighter color on the ground. Was that... snow? Slowly and cautiously, the lynx approached the patch, and gingerly stepped on it with her paw. But when she did, she felt no cold sensation on her pads. In fact, her paw also got lighter than in was when she wasn't touching the patch of grass. She had to repeat this a few times before she realized that this wasn't snow... it was light. Penny gazed up at the sky, to see a bright orb shining above her. So, that was it, then. Moonlight.

She'd really never seen the moon before... even when she was with Master. Because of her experiences in the cages of Massilia, the darkness had always terrified and threatened her... but with such a large and bright moon... she felt it was tolerable, to be out here... and it was kind of nice... and now that she was able to get a look at them, the stars were pretty. It was certainly brighter out here than it was in the apprentice's den. It wasn't always like this, but... for some reason, today the moon was bigger. That must be why she was less unnerved by the darkness. It didn't stop her from moving her ears in different directions or looking over her shoulder often, but for the moment, she was mesmerized enough by the brilliant sky overhead that she wasn't going to run away just yet. And besides, it would be even darker in the den... where else was she going to go? The only place with light was the city, and she most certainly wasn't going there. No... for now, all she could do was enjoy the moment until she got sleepy again.


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So I found a comic. I sketched it a year ago. 

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