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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2014, 9:35 AM
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LINKLU - White Night Aurelias by PancakeShiners
LINKLU - White Night Aurelias
╰☆ C O D E ☆╮

╰☆ O T H E R  N A M E S ☆╮
none yet

╰☆ G E N D E R ☆╮

╰☆ B I R T H D A T E ☆╮
July 10th, Year 5

╰☆ F I R S T  A P P E A R E D ☆╮
August 2nd, Year 5

╰☆ S T A T U S ☆╮
Subordinate Pup; alive

╰☆ T H E M E S ☆╮
World So Cold - 12 Stones
Missing - Evanescence
A Demon's Fate - Within Tempatation

Family & Traits

NOTE: Only characters that were/are played are listed.

Littermates: True Light
Father: Chalk Wild
 Zen Willows
Grandmother: Fuzzle Willows
Grandfather: Willy Aquatics
Aunts: Granite Willows, Joy Willows, Hope Willows, Peera Willows, Pancake Willows, Pie Willows, ect
Uncles: Faith Willows, Waffles Willows, Irwin Infernos, ect
 Tumble Anklebiters, Twig Anklebiters, Kamas AnklebitersChaila Shiners, Sandheart Shiners, Feiko Shiners, Irina Shiners, Tanith ShinersLittle ShinersMcKat ShinersMist Shiners, Biscuit Shiners, Cupcake Shiners, Muffin Shiners, Bindi Flames, Fiendfyre Flames, Lautner Flames, Robert Flames

Physical Attributes

White Night is your average pup, besides the fact that he was born without stripes, and will likely never develop them.  He does have one stripe on the top of his head that extends partially down his neck.  His fur is a shade of peachy tan.  His lighter markings are restricted to his cheeks and a limited area of his belly, also have a small blaze and a lightly colored left forepaw.  His nose is black, and his eyes are a calm teal, matching his patient (but aggressive) personality.  White Night also has three scratches on his left cheek, left by Phoebe only moments before Luchina was killed.


Calm, & Patient
Despite everything that's happened to him, White Night still has a really calm nature.  He won't act unless he thinks it's necessary, and isn't quick to lose his temper either.  From this also stems his logical, observant, and quiet traits as well, giving him a cold reputation.  A lot of this is contributed by his patient nature.  White Night has never been very rash, and is willing to wait for as long as he has to.  It's always made for a good contrast to his masters Luchina and Voldemort, who are (or were) quite the opposite.

Logical & Observant
Though he's no brainiac, White Night has always used simple logic to make his decisions,  relying less on impulses and emotions, and more on careful thinking and fact.  As a result, he has a hard time believing in things he can't see, prefering things he can see and touch.  He's more than happy to watch and observe, judging what goes on around him and taking in all information, either for later or immediate use.  Very little goes unnoticed by White Night, though those around him don't realize it most of the time.

Quiet & Distant
White Night has a tendency to be rather quiet, not often speaking out... this goes hand in hand with the way he will often judge from a distance before taking action, or how angry he is deep down inside, glaring silently at you.  The downside to this is very few know how he truly feels beneath his cold exterior, and he may not always act when he should.  

Because of this, as well as his various issues, White Night readily distances himself from other meerkats, both on purpose and by habit.  In truth, he's always been this way, even in lesser amounts towards Voldemort and Luchina, and still slightly before Luchina took him.  He certainly has social and emotional issues, and doesn't believe that love will amount to anything, so it's very difficult to get him to open up.  Nowadays, you'll often see White Night by himself, reacting to anyone who comes too close with a small growl and a silent glare.

Twisted & Confused
In short, this pup has issues.  Not recieving the attention he needed as a young pup caused him to be a bit antisocial, and made it hard for him to understand love.  Luchina only made this worse by putting thoughts and instructions into his head when he was most vulnerable, imprinting incorrect ideas into the pup.  White Night now believes that affection is either false, or destructive and unnecessary.  Things Luchina taught him also stick... how the dominants' pups are more important and have more power over the other pups, how the dominants' word is law, and how the word belongs to those who take it and stick up for themselves.  

However, many of these teachings may diminish, because due to recent events, White Night has become a very confused little pup.  Things have happened that counteract what he'd been taught, and all he had previously worked for in life is now gone.  In the end, he's left with many questions.  If Luchina was so strong, and didn't let her emotions get the better of her, why did she fall? Why did he feel so off when he killed his sister? What was he supposed to do now that his life had changed completely? White Night is still very young.  Though he has Linda, who wants to help him change for the better, it's going to take a lot to turn him around, despite his doubts, because of what Luchina and Voldemort taught him.  Not only because he was taught them at all, but because it's all he knows.  They were the first ones to show any interest in him at all, and their ways are all he ever learned... but it's all he has, and for that reason, despite his questions... it's hard to let go.

Aggressive & Assertive
White Night has become a violent pup.  He's not technically a bully... he doesn't strive to inflict pain and suffering on others.  Everything he does has a very specific reason, and has an end in mind.  He also believes that he has the right to do what he does, as does everyone else.  He believes he's doing the right thing.  This usually entails asserting his dominance over others and stealing food from the other pups, and will do so without sympathy.  He's done less of that since Luchina's death, but still can be quite aggressive.  

Despite his change of environment, however, one thing has not changed.  White Night is an assertive individual.  He will not tolerate being disrespected in any way by other pups, and will readily place himself higher in the pecking order than them.  He will defend himself in any situation, and feels a need to punish other pups if they disrespect them, often physically.  White Night can be very firm and immovable when it comes to these sorts of situations, but in the Aurelias, this trait is going to cause problems for him.

Apathetic & Suppressed
A lack of sympathy for those around him, especially those he attacks has been mentioned above.  In ignoring and pushing away any sort of attachment he may have to others, White Night shows very little remorse for his actions.  Any sort of fear or sadness that his victims feel, in his opinion, is just something they need to toughen up and deal with.  In the end, he's learned not to feel empathy when attacking or stealing from other pups, because he's been taught by Luchina and Voldemort that it makes you weak and he himself finds it unnecessary.  In the end this makes him seem like a heartless monster, but again, he does think that what he does is right, and everyone else is just as entitled to do so as he is.

While not entirely emotionless, as a general rule, White Night does suppress his emotions.  Most of the time, his face will be completely void of feeling, aside from anger or hate.  Even then, he doesn't let them out completely, only enough to show that he feels that way.  Again, this can cause others to see him as nothing short of a monster... but both of these things are likely to change.  Things have happened that make White Night question himself, and Linda seeks to bring him back to reason.  But it's likely he'll always be a little emotionless.

Hateful & Troubled
White Night holds a very heavy grudge, and is generally angry and hateful most of the time.  If someone leaves a bad impression on him, or causes him trouble, he's not likely to ever forget it and may hold it against them until the day he dies.  A lot of this is due to his past.  What his mother said in did in the three weeks she was with her pups left an imprint on him.  It still hurts him really deep down, and it contributes to his mood and actions.

Stubborn & Loyal
White Night is firm in what he believes, and the decisions he makes.  It's not easy to change his mind, which will cause issues in the quest to change his ways.  Though he doesn't have much of a chance to show it anymore, White Night has always been able to be very loyal and dedicated to whoever he trusts and feels worthy.  This loyalty doesn't falter easily, but since Luchina is dead, he doesn't show this loyalty anymore.


Zen Willows

[entry 1] "Why... why did you leave, mom? Why do you say such bad things about us? Why don't you like us? I wish I knew the answers, but it's too late now..."

[entry 2] "I look back now... and I hate you.  You may have taught me a valuable lesson about love, but if I ever get the chance to kill you when I'm older... I'll gladly take it."

True Light Anklebiters
[entry 1] "She's... my sister? When I'm scared, she's there for me... and we understand eachother... but honestly, I'm not sure what to think of her... there's already too much to think about..."

[entry 2] "So, I guess I won't be seeing her around anymore... at least until I'm older... not sure how I feel about that."

[entry 3] "I now know that I'm superior to her.  I assert dominance over her, and I steal her food.  She never fights back, of course, but that doesn't bother me much.  She keeps trying to talk to me though, and I don't like that."

[entry 4] "Something... happened last night.  She caught me alone, and she tried to talk to me.  It started to feel like... how it was before.  Before the Anklebiters... I felt vulnerable, like I wanted to run away, but something kept me there... it was a funny warm feeling rising from my chest, as I just listened to True's soft words... then Luchina came in and I was reminded of my real purpose in life.  Good thing too, my sister came so close to leading me down the wrong path." 

[entry 5] "She tried to talk to me again.  She asked me if I was ashamed of what I've become... if I remembered the times we'd play as pups... but I only remembered how bitter our mother was... it drowned everything else out.  True wanted it to be like before.  But I didn't want things to change... I liked how my life was turning out! I didn't want to live a false life, built on feelings that didn't exist.  Luchina believed in me, and that was more than mom EVER gave me.  True Light made me so furious.  So furious, that without thinking twice, I killed her.  I should have felt happy and safe, like Voldemort and Luchina always did... but... I don't really know how I felt... but it was... weird."

Tumble Anklebiters 
[entry 1] "So when the four of us pups were once again without a mom, this female didn't hesitate to take us in... I wasn't sure about her, but she seemed nice... but then Luchina took Kenna and I away from her.  So I guess I don't know what to say about her anymore."

[entry 2] "Luchina says that Tumble is weak, because she's soft.  So I can't really say that I like her anymore... seems things were a bit different when Luchina died... but because she shows attachment to others, she's still weak."

Kenna Anklebiters 

[entry1] "She didn't want to listen to Luchina at first... because she was weak, she only did it to keep herself alive.  It wasn't until near the end that she started being a bit more like me.  Since she's supposedly back in the Anklebiters, I guess she's going to be poisoned by the rest of them again."

Luchina Angelic Assassins

[entry 1] "I don't like her.  She seems scary."

[entry 2] "She does scare me a little, but since she's the one taking care of me now, it should be ok... I hadn't been with Tumble long enough to miss her, and I was never very close to my sister, so I don't mind."

[entry 3] "I don't love her.  She's not my mother.  She my caretaker, my master, my queen.  I do what she says.  I'm always loyal to her.  And I want her to be pleased with me.  So far, it seems like I'm doing a good job."

[entry 4] "Voldemort got mad at her for raising soft pups.  I showed him by setting an example for them, killing a nearby animal to prove that not all the pups Luchina raised were weak.  Seems it did the trick.  No one insults my master."

[entry 5] "She's gone.  They killed her.  She was so much stronger than all the softies, but they still took her down.  I don't know what to do... I didn't love her, so I'm not all that upset, but... everything is going to be different now.  Why, Luchina? Why didn't you tell me what to do if this happened?"

Voldemort Lavas

[entry 1]
"I'm not exactly sure what I think about him yet.  I know he's my master, like Luchina.  Have I pleased him? I hope so..."

[entry 2] ", I'll probably never see him again.  I can only hope that he finds me, and takes me away to continue my training..."

Penelope Anklebiters 

[entry 1] "I hate her.  It's her fault that my life got turned upside down.  If I was still in the Anklebiters, I swear I would get my revenge on her..."

Strawberry Anklebiters

[entry 1]
"Weak.  I've seen Voldemort pick on her.  I figure she deserved it."

Say It Elements

[entry 1] "He glared at me a lot.  I glared right back.  I didn't care what he thought, and I never will."

Linda (Willows...?)

[entry 1] "I know she never liked me, just like the others never did... but now she's whisked me off to who knows where... she says she can change me.  But I won't let her.  I wish she'd just leave me alone."

Phoebe Jumaas

[entry 1] "That new pup challenged and disrespected me, just for 'hurting her brother'.  Weak.  I put her in her place, and showed Luchina and Voldemort of my worth in the process.  Unfortunately, they seemed satisfied with her fighting ability as well... can't they see how weak she is because of her obligations to Ponda?"

[entry 2] "I can't believe that brat DARED to get in my way when I was trying to help Luchina! And then she went and beat me! Ooh, I will never forget that... she'll pay.  And I'll make sure she knows it."

[entry 3] "I. DON'T. LIKE HER.  Not one bit.  I can't believe I'm being forced to share space with her now... If you so much as BREATHE on me, I'll make sure you regret it, no matter what your parents do to me..."

Ninja Jumaas

[entry 1] "Where do you get the idea that I give a skink's tail what you think?"


[I may shorten this later if people think it's too long...]

Currently, White Night is accompanying Linda, Ninja, their pups, and recent immigrant Splash on a search to find the missing pups Ninji and Dellie.  He's once again in a very delicate state, but it will be very difficult to pull him out of his old ways as Linda wishes.  Only time will tell what will happen to him.

White Night has a pretty active and turbulent history for such a young pup, but to really understand it, one needs to go back before he was born.

PRE-BIRTH: Willows Mob and beyond

His mother, Zen, was a subordinate in the Willows mob.  She had a rather ordinary life growing up.  Her littermate was a female named Peera, and the two were rather close for a very long time.  They, however, like all surviving members of the Willows mob, had their lives destroyed when the Shadow Deaths attacked with the intention to exterminate.  The Willows were the third mob in the area that the Shadow Deaths had attacked, but that didn't make it any less terrifying.  Zen's father Willy was killed by the group's dominant male Makuta, with the rest of the group not faring much better.  The Shadow Deaths were much more strong and violent than the Willows, and they were out for blood.  The dominant female of the Willows, Fuzzle, found herself pinned down.  She cried out to her daughter for help, but because Zen was pregnant, she decided to run to save her unborn pups.  She managed to escape, only to abort due to stress shortly after.  But it was too late now... though there were other survivors, the Willows group was dead.

Zen managed to survive for a couple more years.  She joined another mob, only to be evicted when she once again fell pregnant.  Still torn from the guilt of leaving her mother to die, and the fact that her daughter True Light had Fuzzle's eyes, alongside the stress of raising pups on her own... it goes without saying that things didn't turn out as they should have.

JULY 10 - AUGUST 2: Anklebiters Territory

Unfortunately, Zen didn't quite have the affection that most mothers would have towards her pups.  They made it all that much harder to live, and really only stayed with them because it was the right thing to do.  But she didn't love them.  Perhaps she even resented them.  This had a bad effect on both White Night and True Light.  They needed to be loved, cuddled, given attention, and treated with kindness... but Zen was so busy trying to feed herself so she could lactate for her children, and in the end she was so overwhelmed with the stress that she didn't give them that attention.  When she did, it was given bitterly and with hostility.  White Night began to wonder why his mother disliked them so much, and at one point, wondered if love existed at all.  He never knew the answer to the first question, because when they were a little over three weeks of age, Zen abandoned her pups after calling them a waste, a burden, and an accident.  It was a traumatic experience, watching as their mother disappeared into the distance, but unable to catch up to her.  True Light cried, but White Night sort of collapsed into himself, a storm starting to brew deep inside.

AUGUST 2: Anklebiters

If a female passing by with Kenna and Keegan, her two much younger brother and sister hadn't spotted them, the two pups probably wouldn't have lasted much longer.  She took the two under her wing, and kept looking for a safe place.  What she found instead was the Anklebiters, a mob originally formed by pups, but now reigned by the tyrant Luchina.  This female was older than her, so she chased her off, and took her pups to add to her ranks... 

The pups were adopted by the motherly female Tumble (who ironically is Peera's daughter, and thus White Night's aunt).  However, that didn't last long at all, because Luchina decided to split the litter in two, raising White Night and Kenna herself.  White Night was already near a breaking point and very vulnerable at that time, so it wasn't difficult for Luchina to taint his mind, not unlike what her mate Voldemort had done to her.

AUGUST 3 - SEPTEMBER 9: Anklebiters

True Light, the only one who had known White Night long enough to remember how he used to be, would have told you that she couldn't recognize her brother.  He becomes convinced that love is either unnecessary or a lie, and becomes very aggressive and dominant towards the other pups.  Once shy and quiet, White Night, while still distant became very twisted, violent, cold, and hateful.  Completely brainwashed by Luchina, but not truly seeing her as a mother, he becomes very loyal to her and does everything she says.  He doesn't suck up to her, or show any sort of affection, but he does want to prove himself.  Luchina decides that he will be a mate to one of her daughters when they're older, which is why she mentors him this way.  Although to many this change seems sudden, there is a reason for it... White Night was already vulnerable, and Luchina had reinforced/corrupted his thoughts.  Even more so, Luchina was the first to really show faith in him, which is something the pup desperately needed.  Over time, his desire to prove himself, his troublesome childhood as well as Luchina's own influence only accelerates the problem.  This creates mixed responses from the rest of the Anklebiters... while some feeling sympathy, and others hatred, he generates created a feeling of dislike among the Anklebiters.  

White Night spends a lot of time asserting himself over his sister, but despite how everything appears, he's completely different from Voldemort and Luchina.  He's driven by hatred and pain, not by power or malice.  He believes that he's doing the right thing.  It only makes it that much difficult to change him, although True tries.  

SEPTEMBER 9: Anklebiters

Though he is a good meerkat deep down, White Night shows that he's not a pushover and isn't afraid to harm another meerkat, or even kill them.  When newcomer Linda refuses to listen to Luchina, Voldemort asks White Night to restrain one of her pups, Phoebe, while he holds the other pup, Ponda... this White Night obeys without question, pressing down on Phoebe's throat so he can kill her if Luchina asks...  and he would have, if Linda hadn't yielded, only to save her pups' lives.  

White Night and Phoebe get in a fight shortly after, one wanting to show that he's at the top and the other protecting her brother.  Linda tries to avoid her daughter getting hurt, but White Night won't stand for another pup disrespecting him, and attacks her anyway, and Luchina orders Linda not to intervene, wanting to test the pups' strength, which White Night wins.  Phoebe is mildly injured, but otherwise White Night does nothing... despite everything, he's not a bully and will not hurt others unnecessarily.  However, he is very capable of killing someone, as one unlucky pup learns a few weeks later...

SEPTEMBER 21: Anklebiters

Luchina's pups emerge for the first time.  It's a special day, at least for the minority of the Anklebiters, and everything should go well.  But it doesn't.  This is the day that the Anklebiters rebel, and kill Luchina.  It's was very startling to him.  Luchina had always seemed so powerful, so immortal, that he'd done everything she'd said, and remained loyal to her until the end.  It made him feel safe and confident.  And she filled him with purpose.  But it was starting to look like that would all soon be gone.  He isn't willing to just stand around while that happens... but he's stopped by none other than True Light... the two had shared a brief, rare moment of understanding the previous day.  She tries to get him to see reason, and to try and reconnect with her brother.  It's no use, however, and White Night does the unthinkable: in his anger, he kills his sister.  But deep, deep down, even if he didn't realize it, White Night did love his sister, and he feels terrible for killing her.  It was the first time he'd ever killed, and it just felt... off.  Ignoring this, the pup strikes out at the other members in an attempt to stop them from attacking Luchina.  Phoebe, in turn, tries to stop him from intervening.  He manages to leave a scar on Phoebe, but she does the same to him.  In the end, however, it's all in vain.  Penelope deals a final blow to Luchina, and immediately White Night's world is turned upside down.  

His last action of loyalty to Luchina is trying to protect her pups from the Anklebiters, thinking that's what she would have wanted.  It doesn't do much good though... the mob decides they need to leave before Voldemort comes back.  Two of the pups, Gabby and James, agree to come but Carnie and Racine refuse to leave their mother's body... and White Night himself is taken by Linda, who wants to rehabilitate the pup, and much to his dismay takes him with her in a separate direction when her mate Ninja shows up with Phoebe's brother Tyson.  He's upset and struggles, but in his state of confusion, doubt, and shock, isn't able to make much of a difference.  And thus begins the next chapter of his life...

Concerning Roleplays

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 17, 2014, 4:38 PM
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I want to apologize to you guys... I'm really out of EBC so roleplays will be really slow unless you're ok with shorter replies... Sorry...

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So, I've decided to make my new 'sona either a Matoran or a Toa. But I can't decide which one. Could you guys help me decide, and give an explanation in the comments? Thanks! Listed from first choice to last choice. 

5 deviants said Av-Matoran (Light [can shoot bolts of light], are white and gold, but can change their armor colors and TAKUA)
1 deviant said Ga-Matoran (Water [better swimmers, can hold their breath longer], are blue in color)
No deviants said Ce-Matoran (Psionics [their minds can't be tampered with], are blue and gold)
No deviants said Vo-Matoran (Electricity [have an electrical resistance], are blue and white)

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