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Hey guys.  I know I have a LOT of roleplays with people, but I am, in a way, on an extended EBC break.  You probably won't see much art or roleplay from me for a while.  I'm having a lot of time getting the drive or interest to do anything EBC related (and in some cases, getting annoyed by the subject) and when the roleplay journals get up, that's likely the only thing I'll really be paying attention to, except maybe Tempered Shadows, since it needs to be finished... Right now I just really need to get away from EBC, and focus on RotF, DW, and BZPRPG.  

Thanks for understanding, I'm sorry I haven't been more reliable.

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EBC: Eyes of Gold by PancakeShiners
EBC: Eyes of Gold
I was in a bit of a mess, thought drawing cats would help bring me out of it, then remembered I can't really draw cats XD

So decided on some nice eye style practice.  I kinda see Penny as the closest I have to a fursona out of my EBC characters... we have a lot in common, emotionally and neurologically.  I guess that's why I chose her.  She's also my most involved cat, so.

Anyway I liked the result, so here, hope you guys like it too.  I'm thinking of trying a lineless style, next time I feel brave enough to draw an actual cat.  I'm starting to like it.

Penelope, art (c) PancakeShiners 
EBC: Flufficus the Snow Leopard (WIP) by PancakeShiners
EBC: Flufficus the Snow Leopard (WIP)

PLEASE NOTE: Personality/history not finished

Flufficus; the Artist

╰☆ O T H E R  N A M E S ☆╮
Fluff, Fluffle or Fluffi
His real name is Caedric (Caesar+Cedric; 'see-dric') 

╰☆ A G E ☆╮
Born December 29th 47 BC

╰☆ G E N D E R ☆╮

╰☆ S P E C I E S ☆╮
Snow Leopard [Panthera uncia]

╰☆ V O I C E ☆╮
Strangely high pitched for a male, and quite squeaky and sharp.
Can be loud but also quiet... average volume.

╰☆ R A N K ☆╮

╰☆ T H E M E S ☆╮

Family & Traits

His history is obviously closed, but let me know if you'd like your cat to be related to Flufficus.

Mother: Sakura, Snow Leopard (deceased)
Father: Unknown, Snow Leopard (deceased)

Adoptive Mother: Thalia, Snow Leopard (captured) Asante-Sana 
   Adoptive Grandmother: Liefen, Snow Leopard (???)
   Adoptive Grandfather: Cassius, Snow Leopard (???)
   Adoptive Aunt: Cilina, Snow Leopard (alive; Ice Empire) NeonNica 
   Adoptive Uncle: Evander, Snow Cheetah (alive; Shadow Empire) Sky-Lily 

Adoptive Father: Laertes, Amur Leopard (alive; Shadow Empire) Staniqs 
   Adoptive Grandmother: Willow, Amur Leopard (alive; Solus TRD) 
   Adoptive Grandfather: Insanis, Amur Leopard (alive; Solus TRD)  
   Adoptive Aunt: Oceanus, Amur Leopard (alive; Hunters TRD)  
   Adoptive Uncle: Benedictus, Amur Pumapard (alive; Hunters TRD)  

Adoptive Brother: Athios/Fuzzbutt, Amur/Snow Leopard (alive) Asante-Sana 
Adoptive Sister: Eden/Snowpuff, Amur/Snow Leopard (alive) Staniqs 
Adoptive Sister: Castalia/Pumpkin, Amur/Snow Leopard (alive) rattarie 
Adoptive Sister: Freya/Poffle, Amur/Snow Leopard (alive) Firewolf-Anime 
Adoptive Sister: Lily, Amur/Snow Leopard (deceased)
Adoptive Sister: Victoria/Tiny, Amur/Snow Leopard (alive; TRD)


Dominant: 50% Chance
Bullet; Purple extra thick fur
Bullet; Purple dark gray fur
Bullet; Purple darker shoulder rosettes
Bullet; Purple lighter fur, going around his neck and down under his belly and the entire tail
Bullet; Purple lighter lower leg marks
Bullet; Purple silver inner ears
Bullet; Purple silver muzzle markings
Bullet; Purple silver tail tip
Bullet; Purple spot/v-shape under eyes
Bullet; Purple foreleg spots/rosettes
Bullet; Purple hind leg spots/rosettes
Bullet; Purple rosettes going down spine/lower tail
Bullet; Purple side spots
Bullet; Purple hip spots

Recessive: 25% Chance
Bullet; Purple yellow eyes
Bullet; Purple fur between muzzle and forehead
Bullet; Purple furry chin
Bullet; Purple ear markings
Bullet; Purple lighter fur, going over his back, and across down to muzzle
Bullet; Purple dark paws
Bullet; Purple dark muzzle markings
Bullet; Purple dark patch under eyes
Bullet; Purple back/top of head rosettes
Bullet; Purple neck spots/rosettes
Bullet; Purple lighter body rosettes
Bullet; Purple dark rosettes at the end of the tail

Carrier: 15%, 10% or 5% Chance
Bullet; Purple even darker fur (paternal, 10%)
Bullet; Purple green eyes (paternal, 15%)
Bullet; Purple hair tuft (paternal, 10%)
Bullet; Purple all lighter rosettes (paternal, 10%)
Bullet; Purple normal fur (paternal, 15%)
Bullet; Purple silver fur (maternal, 15%)
Bullet; Purple all darker rosettes (maternal, 15%)
Bullet; Purple purple eyes (maternal, 5%)
Bullet; Purple slimmer build (maternal, 5%)
Bullet; Purple less fur (maternal, 5%)

Physical Attributes

Flufficus is your average snow leopard... he is short and stocky, with a wide face, short muzzle, and small ears.  He seems to be especially fluffy, and in particular has a tuft inbetween his muzzle and his forehead, as well as the typical fluffy tail.  As he gets older his fur will grow to be a little thicker courser than normal.  While this does make it harder to endure hot weather, it does form a sort of barrier in a fight.  But those sorts of things are a long way off; for now, all that it gives Flufficus is a really dense, fuzzy undercoat that he was named for, which he doesn't even try to keep clean.

Along with dark blue-gray fur and yellow eyes, this snow leopard has several resemblences to his adoptive parents, but that's all they are: resemblences.  A couple traits shared with each parent, obviously looking more like Thalia, but aside from that he really is an adopted cub... no one knows this, not even Thalia herself, partially because of the coincidental appearance similarities, and for now, it's going to stay that way.

You can often find Fluffi covered in mud, dirt, plants, and even herbs from time to time, much to his mother's dismay.


insert quote here

Early life

insert quote here

Plot Stuff?

insert quote here

Current situation

insert quote here
-- insert reference here


Loving & Clingy
Despite his obvious quirks and flaws, Flufficus loves his family very much and spends all the time he can with them.  He may bug, pester, tease, and perhaps even make them mad at times, but he does care for them a lot and doesn't want anything bad to happen to them.  He actually has a sweet nature, and even for those he doesn't quite trust, he is very sympathetic... he doesn't like to see others sad, and will try and make them happy.  Even if he's upset or Unfortunately, there is a bad side to this part of him... Fluffi may love his siblings and parents a bit too much, especially his parents, and will follow them everywhere day or night, rain or shine, whatever mood they happen to be in.  Of course, if he happens to be doing something a little naughty, he will of course not be around his parents, which makes it pretty easy to guess when he's doing something that will get him in trouble.  Nonetheless, this cub can be a bit bothersome and it can take quite a bit for him to see that he's overdoing it.  Shooing him off is another issue entirely.

Active & Alert
While you couldn't really say that he's an endless bundle of energy, Flufficus is certainly an active cub.  He interacts with his surroundings, whether through curiosity or fear, and likes to move around a lot.  He can be a bit of a pawful at times, but that doesn't mean he's not up for a good cuddle or simple converstation.  He is, however, a very alert cub as well.  Fluffi is always aware of his surroundings, and tends to be a little jumpy and easily spooked as well.  Flufficus really is extremely high strung, like an exposed nerve about most things (his mother and father don't count.) This may be a result of his mother's time as a captured cat, as it wasn't exactly the most cheery place for a cub to spent their earliest months, but it could just be his personality as well.

Shy & Cowardly 
Those who know him might be surprised to find that he's actually quite shy towards cats he doesn't know.  For this reason, Fluffi is quite cut off for the rest of the empire, and despite his troublemaker tendencies, will quickly run back to mommy.  Again, this may be caused by his time in the city, but there's no knowing for sure.  Even if he's brave enough to spend time with another cat, it takes him a long time to warm up to them, but once he does it's even harder to get rid of him.  Despite this, however, he actually rather timid, also.  Mostly concerning things he's told is dangerous.  He's cautious around those types of things, and would rather stay away from them, but his siblings or other cubs can usually pressure into facing them, especially when he shouldn't.

Sloppy & Impatient
Flufficus isn't exactly known for organization or efficiency.  He tends to rush things and not really pay attention to vital details, better at looking at the big picture than the things that are more easily missed, and doesn't put a lot of thought or planning into his actions.  This can lead him to make bad decisions, and mess things up often, or in the least not perform things as well as he could or should.  It's quickly noted that he is a rather messy cub as well; not very clean, and almost seems to avoid being so, unfortunately for his mother.  Fluffi also tends to be rather impatient... he doesn't like waiting for long periods of time and has a terrible attention span, and will rush through things without a second thought.  This will more likely than not cause problems when he becomes an apprentice.

Imaginative & Curious
Flufficus, like most cubs, takes everything literally, and with it comes a huge imagination that may cause problems if allowed to run wild.  He's quick to come up with ridiculous stories, theories or schemes based off what's he's been told, and may drive him to the point of taking irrational action, and getting the other cubs to do the same.  However, at times it can be an endearing quality as well, so it's not all bad as long as an eye is kept on him.  Flufficus, though shy and timid, still has a very curious personality.  Even if he's hiding behind mommy, or cowering among his adoptive siblings, he can still be inquisitive from a far.  New thoughts, sights or ideas are all rather interesting to him, and even if he's quiet when they present themselves, you can be sure he's taking all the new information in, and will have a load of questions for his parents later and/or a lot to tell his brothers and sisters.  Along with both of these is a creativity existing within the fuzzy cub, which causes lots of things to happen, the good and the bad.

Competitive & Selfish
While not overly full of himself and prideful, Flufficus doesn't have a low self esteem either.  He always wants to be the best at everything.  Unless it's something scary or dangerous, you can be certain that he's involved in everything other cubs are doing, especially his siblings, and he always tries to outdo them at everything.  He can be quite daring as well, both to his siblings and to himself... this is where his cowardice can be countered.  No matter how bad something is, no matter how scared he gets, his siblings can get him to do anything brave or stupid if they call him a coward.  This often gets not only him, but other cubs in trouble as well.  Flufficus is not a bully, nor does he have an inflated ego, but he can be quite the envious cub.  He needs to have everything the other cubs have, especially if it happens to be mommy's attention that he wants.  Sharing Thalia is not something he enjoys doing.  

Obnoxious & Demanding
He doesn't really try to be annoying, but still Flufficus comes off as being so.  He really can be a bother, and his rebellious streak doesn't help much either.  He's loud and will often ask for a lot of things from other cats.  He really doesn't know when enough is enough, and it can take quite a bit to get him to see that.  He also doesn't really control his mouth or actions either... Flufficus will almost always speak his mind and do things he probably shouldn't, because he doesn't think about it, unless he thinks he may hurt someone's feelings.  Flufficus has a lot of flaws, but he's a lover.


~You need to remember that while Flufficus was adopted by Thalia, but no one knows that... at least, not yet.  Currently, he and the others around him believe that he is another of her and Laertes' cubs.

~His pelt is already hard enough to keep clean, but Flufficus seems to delight in getting himself dirty. By putting mud on himself and sticking plants (and herbs) in his fur, Flufficus easily creates a problem for himself.  He thinks it makes him look pretty and sorta sees himself as an artist.

~You need to be careful when dealing with Flufficus.  He's cute, and he knows he's cute, and if he knows he can take advantage of someone, know that he will.  Naturally, there are a lot of cats that he can't do this with, but there are many others whom he can.  This trait will likely diminish as he ages.

~In a way, Flufficus can be a little easily offended... but it's usually over really petty things, and doesn't last longer than a few minutes.  He's a very forgiving cat, and not one to linger.  He just needs a little to calm down.

~Though it's not always the case, sometimes Fluffi can be a bit of a troublemaker, and may occasionally go against what his parents tell him if he thinks he can get away with it, and whatever he's doing seems fun.  However, at the same time he's not openly rebellious and mischeivous; usually when he really wants to do something or is upset for some reason.  He doesn't do something if it will definitely make someone sad, or thinks he may get in big trouble.  He may also do something bad if he's affected by peer pressure, not wanting to injure his pride.

~As he gets a little older, Fluffi will become more flirtacious towards girls.

~Fluffi has a hard time, seeing as his mother is the healer.  He doesn't like sharing his adoptive mom, but only really complains about it when HE wants her attention at the same time, and even then doesn't make a huge fuss about it.  Even so, when he gets older, Flufficus will learn that he's being unreasonable, and this trait will disappear almost completely.


Fuzzydemon Rival
Star! Best Friend
Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U Family
Exclamation Important
Death Dead
Heart Mate
Bullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black  Hate
Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Curiosity
Bullet; Yellow Trust
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Dependence
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple  Loyalty
Bullet; Green Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; Blue Conflicted/Confused
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Sorrow
Bullet; Red Caution
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Fear
Bullet; Pink Like
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Love (platonic)
light pink heart bullet Crush
light pink heart bulletlight pink heart bullet Love (romantic)


ExclamationMusic Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

[Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink/Bullet; Yellow/Bullet; Purple] "Momma! I love my momma so much.  I always like to sleep and cuddle with her, though I don't get to do that as much as I used to... there's no one in the whole world I love more than momma.  Sometimes she gets mad, though, and she can be scary when she's mad... but I can usually put on a good smile and get away with whatever I'm doing wrong, hehe! She doesn't like it when a I play with her silly plants.  Doesn't she know it's nice to share?"


ExclamationMusic Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

[Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink/Bullet; Yellow/Bullet; Purple] "Fuzzy is my bro! I don't have any other brothers, though to me, he seems so much more than that.  He really took charge when momma wasn't feeling good, and while I'm not sure if he seems like a dad to me, I can say that I trust him a lot and really look up to him... I think I tend to listen to him a lot more than anyone, haha... but not always.  I don't usually"


ExclamationMusic Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

[Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink] "Momma gave her a pretty name, but she'll always be Pumpkin to me! Hehe.  I like playing with her.  I mean, sure, she has the weird quirk of collecting dead things... but I guess that doesn't really bother me.  Sometimes we go out with someone old enough together, and look for our favorite things.  I never say no to a chance to play with 'Kin.  Sometimes we play, and sometimes we cuddle... she likes to use me as a pillow, but I don't mind, ha! And even I can't deny how cute she is.  She's so cute, I just can't seem stop telling her how much I love her.  I mean, I love the others too, but there's something different about Pumpkin!"


ExclamationMusic Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

[Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink] "Out of all my brothers and sisters, I think I enjoy being with Snowpuff the most! I just love being around her, and we have so much fun, even if what we do and the way we play sometimes makes others mad, or even gets us in trouble.  In a way, I kinda like that better, haha! She looks a lot different from the rest of us, she doesn't even have long fur like most of us... but that's ok, because I can always recognize her right away! That means that whenever I wanna have fun, all I need to do is find my sister."


ExclamationMusic Note Bullet (Blue) - F2UFuzzydemon 

[Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink/ partial Bullet; Black] "I like spending time with Poffs, too! Ha ha ha! I mean, we do fight sometimes... we always seem to find one thing or another to argue about.  She doesn't really like it when I get all dirty, and I don't like it when she tells me what to do, ha.  But it's usually over something stupid, and we either get over it or it's broken up somehow.  I actually really love her though, and never say anything I think would hurt her personally.  I like playing with her just as much as the others.  She tends to be a little shy around strangers, just like me, so I like to think we find comfort in that... I'm not sure if she feels the same way."



[Bullet; White/Bullet; Pink] "I still think she looks silly! Her ears are too big, her muzzle is too small, her legs are too long, and her tail are too short.  She seemed pretty nice, though.  I don't know where she went, but I hope we get to meet again someday."



[Bullet; WhiteBullet; White] "I saw him once, but I wasn't allowed to go too close to him.  He looked scary, but kinda cool too, if you know what I mean... I wonder who he was? Will I ever see him again?"


Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

[Bullet; Pink/Bullet; WhiteBullet; White] "I guess he's my dad? Well, that's cool.  I know he and mom like each other a lot, but... I guess I don't see him differently than any other grown-up.  Fuzzy seems more like a dad than Laertes does.  However I do spend time with him so I guess I can't say I don't like him, either.  I like being around him, though.  He seems to really like playing with me, and unlike momma, lets me paint on him a lot! I'd like to get to know him better, and I'm sure I will, even if I don't see him as a dad..."



[Bullet; Black] Need to talk with Scar.


Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

[Bullet; Pink] "It didn't really like her at first.  She's a momma-stealer, but I found out she was nice.  She started to take me out to play, and we always had a lot of fun.  We even got to play in the mud together! But then, Anaba talked with me, and... I kinda felt bad.  When we went out that day... we talked for a bit.  I found out just how much she likes Thalia, and how much it hurt when she was gone.  I didn't completely understand, but... I realized I wasn't very nice.  I said I was sorry, and I guess everything is ok now.  I like Evira, and I don't really call her momma-stealer anymore.  I always love playing with her! And... I guess I'm starting to see her as a sister now.  But just a little."



[Bullet; White] "Another momma-stealer, but I haven't really talked with him much, so I don't know what he's like."


Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

[Bullet; White] "He's really important, and he's my uncle.  He seems cool, but otherwise, I'm not sure I have much to say about him.  Though I don't think he likes it when I get mad about having to share momma..."



[Bullet; White/Bullet; Black] "I see her sometimes, mostly when no one is available to watch me and momma is too busy.  She seems a little bossy but I guess that's her job.  Otherwise I guess she's not too bad.  Though I don't like how she talked to me the other day..."

Roleplay Examples

[Penelope; 599 Words]

There was a full moon tonight. The light bathed Ice Empire's camp, casting a soft, bluish white glow on the landscape. For the most part, things were very peaceful aside from some small sounds emitted from the Apprentice's Den, barely heard over the sound of crickets chirping all around the Massilian escapees.

Little Penny turned in her sleep. Little, uncomfortable sounds came from the lynx cross occasionally, until eventually the apprentice sat up, her eyes wide and pupils dilated. Sighing, she looked down at her paws, playing lightly with the moss and grass underneath her. She'd never been one to have nightmares often... much less about the death of Master. That was a day she tried not to look back on, if she could help it. And after all, it'd been months since that day... she didn't understand why she couldn't forget it. It was over. She had a new life now. That should be enough to let it go... right...?

The pale lynx laid down again in her nest, but as she tossed and turned, memories both good and bad conflicted in her mind; sleep simply wouldn't come. Eventually, her fears turned to the darkness around her, almost feeling consumed by it, as if it might swallow her. Wincing in fear, she immediately shot up into a standing position and darted outside, hoping that it might be at least a little lighter away from the enclosed space of the den.

Once outside, she took a deep breath, and glanced around real quickly. Alone.

...perfect. Just what she needed right now. At times like this, when she felt rather distanced from her empire mates... Penelope needed to be alone. Though a small part of her still wanted a friend or two, right now it was better to feel lonely.

Then she took notice of her surroundings. It was funny... there were patches of lighter color on the ground. Was that... snow? Slowly and cautiously, the lynx approached the patch, and gingerly stepped on it with her paw. But when she did, she felt no cold sensation on her pads. In fact, her paw also got lighter than in was when she wasn't touching the patch of grass. She had to repeat this a few times before she realized that this wasn't snow... it was light. Penny gazed up at the sky, to see a bright orb shining above her. So, that was it, then. Moonlight.

She'd really never seen the moon before... even when she was with Master. Because of her experiences in the cages of Massilia, the darkness had always terrified and threatened her... but with such a large and bright moon... she felt it was tolerable, to be out here... and it was kind of nice... and now that she was able to get a look at them, the stars were pretty. It was certainly brighter out here than it was in the apprentice's den. It wasn't always like this, but... for some reason, today the moon was bigger. That must be why she was less unnerved by the darkness. It didn't stop her from moving her ears in different directions or looking over her shoulder often, but for the moment, she was mesmerized enough by the brilliant sky overhead that she wasn't going to run away just yet. And besides, it would be even darker in the den... where else was she going to go? The only place with light was the city, and she most certainly wasn't going there. No... for now, all she could do was enjoy the moment until she got sleepy again.
Hey guys.  I know I have a LOT of roleplays with people, but I am, in a way, on an extended EBC break.  You probably won't see much art or roleplay from me for a while.  I'm having a lot of time getting the drive or interest to do anything EBC related (and in some cases, getting annoyed by the subject) and when the roleplay journals get up, that's likely the only thing I'll really be paying attention to, except maybe Tempered Shadows, since it needs to be finished... Right now I just really need to get away from EBC, and focus on RotF, DW, and BZPRPG.  

Thanks for understanding, I'm sorry I haven't been more reliable.

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