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I'm going to keep this short.

Ophelia, Vivian, Philos, and Ambrosia are all being pulled out of EBC.  I'll have to see which ones I bring back.  I just don't have the time right now.  I'm really sorry.

I'm considering having Flufficus captured and pulling out Rohan.  The only thing stopping me is the worry I have of upsetting people they're involved with.  I'm worried I don't have the time to develop a couple cubs effectively...

Penelope's assignments are DONE.

Arkita, Sohnii, and Nairo need one drawing each.

Xalo needs two.

There's a possibility that my remaining cats with get death strikes.  I'm sorry if it sounds unreasonable, but I just haven't found as much time to get online, and I need to focus on Linklu and DW.  I hate to have all my cats go missing, but at this point it may have to happen.


You're coming with me... by PancakeShiners
You're coming with me...
He hadn't understood. So many details had slipped him by. He had never seen any strangers come into camp. It seems like any other day in his short life. So he slipped away while he still had the chance, before all the cubs were confined to the nursery. He wouldn't get lost, he told himself. He'd be back in time. And even when he was wrong he didn't think much of it. He'd gotten into all sorts of trouble before and it always worked out in the end. Momma always saved him. Everything would be fine.

If only he had known.

Known that a white terror would find him first.

Known that Mama and White Terror would start playing... only angrier.

Known that Mama will choke, fall to the ground, and start to leak. Although young he sense that something wasn't right. He didn't know why. It just felt... wrong. He felt cold, hard, and got a pit in his stomach when his mother laid still. And just an instant, well not completely understanding, everything changed for the young cub. It was a scary feeling.

The cloudy cheetah trembled as the White Terror approached him. He wanted to run, but was frozen in fear. His legs felt like jelly, but he didn't dare lay down, out of fear of unlocking his gaze with the tiger, caught in a trance. He didn't respond as the hunter spoke words he didn't seem to hear, and raised the cub off the ground in a motion he didn't seem to feel. Horrified, he was completely numb to his surroundings.

By the time they reach the city, the cub had blacked out. He wouldn't come to until the next morning. But when he did, he awakened to a whole new world. A new family. A new responsibility. A new future. All that came before was only dreams, memories, notions, and figments of his imagination. All except that one bloody day, where his mother lost her life. In a way, he lost his as well. The cub was reborn; from now on, he would be the tribune, Rohan. When he woke, his tiger brother, tiger father, and jaguar mother would be there. His past life was irrelevant, for he would never will call the previous day again.

Rohan assignment, 1/2

Kallen (c) Scarflash
Calls of war echoed through the streets. Screams of horror, cries of grief, and yowls of anger pierced the humid air. Bodies fell to the ground with a thud, blood was spilt, and claw met fang as cats spat and threw themselves at each other.  It was the symphony of nightmares, whose audience was reluctant indeed.  And yet to one cat, in that instant, all fell silent.  No sound reached his ears beyond an eerie whisper, as his horror and grief drowned out everything else.  Like that distant voice that speaks to you as you're sleeping, barely cutting through your dream-state...

Only, this wasn't a dream, nor a nightmare.  No, this was very real.

He remembered entering the captured area.  He remembered seeking his quarry, clinging to his powerful resolve.  Even as his fellow patrol members urged him to get moving, he refused.  Valeria was here.  He WOULD find her.  Quintin WOULD get his mother back.  And Arkita's conscience would be clear.

But that never happened.  Hours passed.  And he came to a chilling conclusion.

She wasn't here.

He had failed.

Now a voice in the back of his mind taunted him.  "You left me behind," it said, in the form of a whispy bobcat he knew too well, in the corner of his imagination.  Besides her were two similar forms.  "You never came back Daddy! You didn't save us.  And now we're gone."

Arkita choked.

"It's all your fault..."

Forcing himself to emerge from his newfound grief, the gladiator took one ginger step, trembling.  Then another.  And once more he was still.  He didn't budge as a few cats passed him, even when one of them urged him to go on.  In this moment, he wasn't capable.  He had to stop and dwell on what he'd done.  He had come so far.  Seen so much.  Tried so hard... losing Sophia had hit him hard.  Quintin was like the herb that would heal him.  The hope of rescuing Valeria was the bandages on his injury.  But now he had gone backwards... the wound had been reopened.  Even for someone so strong in heart and will as Arkita, it was difficult, and painful.

But his will to survive soon kicked in.  As always, he pushed his agony aside, if only for the moment.  He might have lost his motivation, and he would still have to deal with this later.  But he couldn't break down.  Not here.  Not now.  Besides, he had a son to get back to.

The shadow guardian burst back out into the city with a rush of adrenaline.  He turned down an alleyway, the same one where he had first properly met Penelope, a landmark of his last escape, the last thing he had actually done right.  He was going to do it again.  What would happen when he got home? He couldn't think about that right now.  But he was going to do it right this time.

As he turned a corner, he was greeted by a snarling hunter.  The dark lynx met his opponent with enthusiasm.  Nothing would stop him now.
Cracked, but not shattered
This could have been better, but I still like the result.

Arkita is broken. But he'll survive.

Arkita's final assignment. I wanted to rp this but I just can't.

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