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For anyone who is unaware, I'm currently on hiatus from roleplay in general.  EBC is no exception... My life has really taken a huge turn (since August, actually) and I really need to focus on my home, job, life skills and independence and things... My spare time is pretty much spent on RotF, and I just don't have the capacity to work on my characters right now.  Unfortunately I don't know when I'll be able to come back, or even if I'll be keeping all my cats, since my life is so uncertain right now.  

Thought I'd leave something here, since an explanation for my decrease in activity is looong overdue.

I'm still available on Skype and stuff if people need to talk to me.  c:


For anyone who is unaware, I'm currently on hiatus from roleplay in general.  EBC is no exception... My life has really taken a huge turn (since August, actually) and I really need to focus on my home, job, life skills and independence and things... My spare time is pretty much spent on RotF, and I just don't have the capacity to work on my characters right now.  Unfortunately I don't know when I'll be able to come back, or even if I'll be keeping all my cats, since my life is so uncertain right now.  

Thought I'd leave something here, since an explanation for my decrease in activity is looong overdue.

I'm still available on Skype and stuff if people need to talk to me.  c:
╰☆N A M E☆╮
:bulletblue:her given name was Felicity, but she's long since abandoned it
:bulletblue:only allows close friends to call her Fel

╰☆D E T A I L S☆╮
:bulletblue: Female
:bulletblue: Heterosexual
:bulletblue: 32 years old
:bulletblue: Level 15

╰☆T E A M☆╮

╰☆N A T U R E☆╮
:bulletblue: Serious
:bulletblue: no stat changes
:bulletblue: will eat anything edible

╰☆V O I C E☆╮
:bulletblue: her voice is almost soft
:bulletblue: uses an emotionless, flat tone in certain situations
:bulletblue: quiet; she finds that actions speak louder than words

╰☆S P E C I E S☆╮
:bulletblue: #677 Espurr
:bulletblue: Infiltrator ability
:bulletblue: Psychic Type
:bulletblue: Field 
:bulletblue: 1' 0" / 7.7 lbs

╰☆R A N K☆╮
:bulletblue: tba [Guild rank]
:bulletblue: tba [Special rank]
:bulletblue: tba [Team rank]

Appearance & Abilities

POKEDEX ENTRY: It has enough psychic energy to blast everything within 300 feet of itself, but it has no control over its power. (Y)

:bulletblue: Power Band (increases attack slightly)
:bulletblue: Valor Medallion (has no effect)
:bulletblue: tuft is larger and lower than normal
:bulletblue: paints scars on herself


Scratch (START)
PWR 40 - ACC 100 - PP 35
no additional effect

Felice's paws glow, and she scratches her opponent.  Due to her lack of physical strength, she doesn't use this move often.

Leer (START)
PWR n/a - ACC 100 - PP 30
lowers opponent's accuracy

Felice's eyes suddenly flash threateningly while glaring.  This startles or unnerves the opponent, causing them to lower their guard and decrease their defense.  
May also be used outside of battle.

Confusion (9)
PWR 50 - ACC 100 - PP 25
may cause confusion

Felice's eyes glow light blue, and she emits a weak wave of psychic energy.  This attack may cause confusion.  This is her primary attack.

Psychic (TM)
PWR 90 - ACC 100 - PP 10
may lower opponent's Special Defense

Felicity's eyes glow light blue, and she uses psychic energy to move the opponent's body, usually slamming them to the ground or into objects.  Her control is weak, so she only has a few seconds to do this.  
Felicity has a tendency to use this move outside of battle, within reason.

For the most part, Felice is a normal Espurr.  She's a short, fluffy, lilac-gray bipedal kitten with white paws and lavender eyes.  Her white-tipped, folded ears conceal her developing organs, the source of her psychic abilities.  Her head tuft is a lot bigger and lower on her head than normal, and has a wild look to it.  

Felice's body language and expressions are often neutral, and when she does express herself physically they are slight, not exaggerated.  This is pretty average for an Espurr, but it goes with her quiet, reserved nature as well.

In particular, Felice struggles physically.  Her Attack is her lowest stat, but her Defense is also relatively low.  Luckily, her Special Attack and Special Defense are high enough to make up for it, and her Speed is her highest stat.  A Pokemon who's learned to play to her strengths, she favors Special moves rather than Physical.  She likes to confront her enemy if she can, despite her weak spots, but she knows that she should be cautious when doing so.  She doesn't mind attacking from a distance when necessary, even if she'd prefer not to.

The one thing Felice always possesses is her Valor Medallion.  It's a gold medal with the Valor crest engraved on it, held around her neck by a dark blue ribbon.  It's a symbol of her position, and she's very proud of her guild, so she figures it's only right that she wears it, unless she's sleeping.  She typically only wears her Power Band in dungeons or certain missions.

Although she's been lucky to not receive any scars, on any given day you'll see scars that she's painted on herself, usually two slashes in the shape of an X on her cheek, but sometimes a simple three claw marks will do.  She may do this because she often feels like others may see her as cute, weak, or not fit to be Valor's Guildmaster, and therefore paints herself to look tougher.

NOTE: link to Felice's application can be found here.  Please keep in mind that the information on the sheet is not accurate.

Personality & Quirks


Although not humorless, it can be said that Felice is a Pokemon who doesn't mess around.  She typically doesn't have a laid back approach to anything, and only takes time to relax when she deems it appropriate.  She believes there's a time and a place to be silly and have fun, but she thinks that time should only come occasionally.  When one considers that the Planet's Paralysis was hardly a time for parties and jokes, this probably makes some sense.  Still, many have politely suggested that she "lighten up a bit".  All they get in return is a bitter tongue.


Felice has a reputation for being a bit insensitive at times.  When upset with someone, she doesn't really care if their feelings are hurt and tells them to suck it up, even if she may regret it later.  The fact is, this is how Felice learned to survive.  She was put under a lot of criticism and distrust as a child, and she learned that taking things so personally and feeling sorry for herself only made her feel worse, so she stopped moping and taught herself to move on.  She has this same attitude towards her guild members in most situations.  It is worth noting, however, that she still has feelings.  Anger, sorrow, grief, fear, and other emotions are all natural.  She just doesn't linger on them for long, unless she has a good reason.


Felice, over the years, has certainly developed a lot of self-confidence.  She believes entirely in her abilities and sees herself as experienced, capable, and qualified.  This is true to an extent; through her trials and experiences, Fel has learned a lot and had plenty of time to practice various skills.  However, although she doesn't expect to be worshipped for her abilities, she doesn't like it when others look down on her or underestimate her.  Felice is also often a little too sure of herself, and could afford to be more humble from time to time.


The rest of the world calls it being negative, she calls it being realistic, but it is what it is.  Felice has experienced a lot of disappointments in her lifetime.  In truth, it's hardened her over time, to the point where she rarely thinks on the bright side of life.  She knows that bad things happen, and there's little you can do to stop them from happening.  She's the type who won't hope for the best when the odds are against her, and often expects the worst to happen.  She doesn't want to look for hope where there isn't any.  In her younger years, this was her way of protecting herself from disappointment, but it's mostly just a part of who she is now.  Sometimes she needs someone to remind her that things aren't always so bleak, especially now that time is flowing.


A hidden part of Felice that would surprise many is her impish side.  Shockingly, she finds discrete pleasure in tricking, scaring, and generally making other Pokemon uncomfortable, all using the Espurr's reputation accompanied by an eerie, emotionless face. This has other uses too, as this was her best survival tactic for years, but more than anything she finds it incredibly amusing.  Nowadays her mischief is almost always playful, or at the most done to keep up her reputation and as a discipline tactic.  Still, her pranks can go a little too far sometimes.  Not all Pokemon find her tricks to be very funny, and her act doesn't work on everyone.


In her younger years, Felice still clung to things like hope and dreams, but that time is past.  She's already learned that waiting for something to happen doesn't do any good, and the best way to get something done is to do it yourself.  If there's something to be done, you can bet Fel is going to do it.  She's not the type to wait for someone else to do it first; she thinks if she did, it might never get done.  This Espurr is certainly a hard worker, and keeps her sights set on her goal until she sees it through.  She sees herself as one of the valley's most productive members, which could be partially true, seeing how actively she does her job to protect the valley and support her guild, and overall she always puts her best effort forward.  She can, however, often overwork and push herself too hard.


Felice may not be the most sympathetic Pokemon, and she doesn't make friends very easily, but to this Espurr, a friend is a friend for life.  Through exchanged favors and time spent together in both joy and hardship, Fel is more than capable of forming very deep relationships with others.  It takes quite a bit of effort and time, but she harbors a lot of dedication to those close to her.  She'd go to the end of the world and back for her companions, and pity the fellow who brings harm to anyone she cares for so strongly.  It can be said that she has a soft spot for her friends,and will usually forgive them, even if she might be bitter for a short time.  Felice is also very loyal to her guild, her guild members, and her mission.  It takes a lot to shake her faith in them.


Not one to let someone off easy, Felice is known to be very harsh towards her guild members.  Hardship builds character, and she believes it's the best way for someone to learn.  She's quick to confront someone on an error, and scold anyone who misbehaves or fails.  She doesn't forget those things easily, either.  Some may think she takes things too far, which is true at times.  Felice can be very critical of others, and she could stand to ease up a bit.  But she doesn't act this way to be cruel or a bully.  She has the guild's, and often the guild member's, best interest at heart.  She just wants everyone in the guild to succeed, meet their goal, and make their mark by doing their part.  This is one of the more unfortunate things Valor's guildmaster has to offer, but luckily she can be persuaded to lay off from time to time.


Despite all her rough features, Felice likes to help others.  She's not quite as charitable as those in Reliance Guild, or even Cardinal Guild, but she's open to lending assistance to anyone in need, within reason.  This stems from her life before time was restored… in her travels, she met a lot of different Pokemon, and many times it was in her best interest to help them out.  Not only did it shape her into a friendly Pokemon rather than a hostile one like she could have been, but it made her open to helping others if they needed it.  She's usually willing to help out other guilds, as well as any strangers who need assistance.  However, she also believes you should help yourself if you can, so unless she thinks it can benefit her or Valor, she's careful about who and if she helps someone, and will often only do so if she thinks they really need it.  She's also not willing to give money to beggars.


As a Pokemon who certainly knows how to act for herself, Felice is quick to make her own decisions, and she is pretty good at sticking to them.  While her strong determination and perseverance has its uses, it can be a little annoying for others from time to time, if only because it can be extremely difficult to change her mind.


As a smaller Pokemon, Felice quickly learned that she would not survive on brute strength alone.  She began to rely more upon her mind.  She became a cunning Pokemon who would watch and think before making a move, picking the one she deemed most effective.  While in everyday life this Espurr is not very patient, she takes her battles and missions more seriously, and calculates every action the best she knows how.


:bulletblue: Often considered a Pokemon of few words, Felice is very quiet and doesn't waste her time using complex vocabulary when she speaks.  She also typically only talks if she finds it necessary, or if she has something important to say.  When she does, she often gets right to the point, and doesn't bother to spare any feelings.
:bulletblue: Felice has a lot of self control over her emotions, save for her temper and irritability.  Coupled with her subtle body language and expressions, others may think she's reserved, or even untrusting.  But the truth is that although not a social butterfly, she's a very friendly Pokemon who tries to be more professional when meeting someone for the first time, and keeps her more sensitive feelings hidden.
:bulletblue: Known to many for her temper, Felice is very easy to anger or annoy.  She's quick to act on this emotion, and lash out at others as a result.  Her anger is rarely an all out rage, and she doesn't usually reveal her personal feelings in an outburst, but she still tends to blow things out of proportion at times.
:bulletblue: tba

Heritage & Chronology

Maternal Heritage...

Mother: ???

Paternal Heritage...

Father: ???



"This life is full of disappointments.  I learned that firsthand.  
It was... inconvenient at best.  I fell, I cried; any child would."

Felice shares a starting point with many other Pokemon during the Planet's Paralysis; she never knew her parents, and they never knew her, either.  Did they die? Maybe her egg was misplaced, or stolen? Or perhaps they just abandoned her there.  The reason is irrelevant, because Felice will never know the answers.  But unlike so many Pokemon in her position, at least she didn't hatch alone.  Luckily, her egg had been found by a group of Ponyta and Rapidash.  Felice was not as lucky in one sense, however: she happened to be born a species with a bad reputation for being somewhat creepy, and supposedly dangerous.  The herd took pity on her, so they gave her a name and taught her basic survival skills, but no one truly adopted the young Espurr, and because the kids were scared of her, she often had to play by herself.  

By the time Felice (or Felicity as she was known then) was eight, she led a pretty lonely life, and was already beginning to fend for herself.  One day while scavenging in the moments before the herd moved on, she came across a young Zigzagoon hoarding a bunch of berries.  Wanting to try and make a new friend, Felice approached the Pokemon with enthusiasm, but the closer she got, the more unnerved he became, until he screamed and running off into the distance, muttering something about her 'casting a curse' on him.  Seeing he'd forgotten his food, Felice yelled back at him in an attempt to alert him to his mistake, but the Zigzagoon soon disappeared.  Hurt, but knowing the herd would be leaving soon, quickly decided to gather up the berries for herself.  As she was thinking that night, the child had a thought... if she could accidentally get a Pokemon who was scared to leave their food behind, could she intentionally get another Pokemon to do the same? In the past, Felice had always thought her reputation to be a curse, but as she tried it out on other travelers, reaping the benefits, she began to think it was an advantage to be an Espurr.  This gave her a better sense of purpose.  Sure, she had no friends, no family, no home... but over time, she became more confident.  In herself, and in her ability to survive.

At the age of ten, Felice had come full circle.  She was no longer a timid, pitiful, outcast child scrambling for food.  She was the face of someone who had stopped hoping to find her parents someday, stopped waiting for something better to her, and stopped feeling so sorry for herself.  This was a Pokemon who had taken control of her life, and stepped up in order to survive.  She was still quite bitter about her situation, but it was beginning to subside.  She also wasn't quite as ashamed of her species as she used to be, but still didn't entirely like it either.  It wasn't all bad, though.  She was confident, clever, and although she unnerved them, she was an accepted member of the herd.  And best of all, she was alive.  But there was something Felice lacked that she had yet to gain.  A true meaning to life.  Survival could only push you so far; you needed a reason to survive.  

As she would only discover later, what Fel needed in life was someone to share it with.

"But I quickly learned, with a little assistance, 
to push myself to my feet, and move on."

By the time young Felice had reached 13 years of age, the sweet, scared little child had completely disappeared.  She was bitter and lonely, but most of all, she was strong.  She traveled with the herd, helping them out where she could, but had otherwise broken ties with them entirely.  Instead of seeking their acceptance, Felice now spent her days training; she had quickly learned to use her species' reputation to survive.  The way in which she did so wasn't exactly moral, but as we know, a sense of right and wrong had degraded at that time, much like Felice herself.  As unfortunate as her victims were, it kept her fed and content.  To the small Espurr, that was all that mattered.

To Felice and the onlooker alike, it seemed she was that much closer to growing up.  That she was pretty much the Pokemon she'd be for the rest of her life.  After all, children in this time period grew up early, and Felice had certainly made a lot of changes.  But unknown to the herd, and even Fel herself, something was about to happen that would knock her off track, and send her down an entirely different path.


She began the day just as she had yesterday, and the day before that.  There was nothing to suggest that this day would be different, but that wasn't saying much in a world where time stood still.  

Yawning, Felice gazed over the herd from the makeshift, treetop nest she had made for herself.  She liked being in trees; it was safer, she could be by herself, see danger coming much sooner than the others, and had to admit she was quite good at it too.  She got a sort of satisfaction from having a skill the others didn't... hooves weren't much use when it came to climbing trees.  It wasn't often she got the chance, though, because the herd preferred to settle in meadows rather than forests, as there were less places for enemies to hide and it was easier to get away.  Normally, Fel had to settle for the ground.  This time, however, they had decided to stay at the edge of the woods, an opportunity she was quite grateful for.  She knew it wouldn't last; the herd never stayed anywhere longer than 7 days, and they'd already been here for 3.  It was a shame, really... there was a busy road not far from camp, which meant a plentiful supply of resources for Felice, but she didn't fancy the idea of traveling on her own, no matter how much the herd isolated her.  No, she could only take advantage of this rare opportunity while it was available, until the time came to move on to a new location.

Leaving her perch and making her way towards the forest entrance, the Espurr didn't catch the attention of many of the stirring Ponyta and Rapidash... a couple children muttered and gasped as she passed, but she didn't pay them any mind... Felice was fairly used to it by now, and the only sign that she had even noticed was a very subtle eye roll.  She had more important things to do anyway... no doubt, nearby travelers were already setting out for the day, and she would be there to meet them on the broken path.

She wasn't sure why so many Pokemon traveled down this path, but she didn't really care.  All that mattered was this route was a good source of food, which was good news for her.  
As she made her way up a small, thick-limbed tree, Felice allowed the smallest of smiles to appear on her face.  She'd already had a lot of success on road, having already successfully ambushed, unnerved, and coveted 7 travelers, with the help of intimidation, trickery and a little help from some Psychic energy.  As she concealed herself within the paralyzed leaves, her smile disappeared, but her mindset was the same... her gaze concentrated on the road below her, she was sure this day would go just as well as the last.

Unfortunately, chance didn't seem to agree with her.  As time went by, Felice waited.  And waited.  Everything was silent and still; the Espurr began to get a little fidgety.  She was hungry, but as the hours passed, Fel started to get tired... she took this as a sign that bedtime was approaching.  Maybe she should head home and try again tomorrow? It wouldn't be the first time she'd gone to bed hungry.  Nodding, she was about to turn away, when out of the corner of her eye, she caught a flash of white.

Her heart skipped in her chest.  She recognized the approaching form as a Pokemon, and in surprise, Felice gave a joyful giggle.  A second later, she composed herself; this was no time to be laughing, she had to focus.  Her patience reinforced, she gingerly wove her way through the branches, trying to fall into position right above the path before the Pokemon reached her, so she could drop down and startle it.

He, or she was almost there... just a few steps closer... any second now... she thought she recognized the species as an Absol, or maybe Furfrou.  However, she never had the chance to decide, because she was interrupted by a heart-shattering SNAP.  

Felice hardly had the chance to look at her feet, where the branch supporting her had by replaced by thin air.  As she flailed her stubby arms in panic, she tried to think where she'd gone wrong.  Had the branch been too weak to support her weight? Or had it been cracked too begin with? Obviously her hunger had made her hasty, because usually she kept a sharp eye out for that sort of thing, but it didn't matter now.  She clamped her eyes shut, awaiting the dreaded collision with the ground as she fell down, down, down...

What was really just seconds had felt like minutes to the Espurr, but the end result was the same.  There was a THUD as she hit the ground, hard.  Sitting up, Felice rubbed her head.  She ached, but deep down, she knew it could be worse.  She picked a shorter tree for this very reason, and it didn't seem like anything was broken.  Her worst injury was probably her pride; she could hear someone asking if she was ok, most likely the same Pokemon she was planning on ambushing.  This was certainly not how she had wanted this to play out, but her hunger quickly overrode her shame... with a jolt of courage, she realized this wasn't over yet.  

As she stood up, shook herself off and put on her best blank Espurr face, Felice realized she'd been right the first time.  He was an Absol, and looked young, probably not much older than herself.  There was concern in his yellow eyes, possibly shock, but Felice didn't really care about that... she just wanted to get her food, and go home and sleep.  Without a second thought, she edged a little closer to her target, and paused, staring unblinkingly at him the entire time.  After a minute, she did it again, before pausing once more.  She kept at this, stopping a little closer each time.  Closer... closer... until her head was right up in his, her breath hot on his face, all the while not so much as batting an eye.  She stood there for a long time, awaiting the Absol's reaction, until at long last, she got one.

The Absol took a step back, and with a rather confused expression, asked, "Do I have something on my face?"

Felice's heart sunk... that wasn't exactly the reaction she'd been hoping for.  Shock overcame her face, making her eyes look even wider than normal.  Her response was just barely audible.  "U-um... no.."  The Espurr was quiet for the longest time, before she seemed to finally find her voice again.  "So... are you scared of me, or what?"  

The Absol shook his head, almost as though her question had been a silly one.  "No.  Why should I be afraid? You're not posing a threat toward me."

Felice blinked, and cast her gaze at the ground.  This wasn't the first time her tactic hadn't worked on another Pokemon; some would attack her rather than try to get away.  But never had anyone been... completely unaffected by her appearance at all.  Everyone else she'd come in contact with had, in the least, been unnerved by her presence.  This confused her so much, that she didn't even consider the possibility that she would go back empty handed.  She was too perplexed that for the first time, someone didn't show the least bit of fear hostility towards her, and she wanted... no... NEEDED to know why.  

Slowly, the Espurr raised her head, looking back into those amber eyes.  She spoke plainly, determined to understand.  "Why not? Aren't you afraid that I'll blow you up? Or cast curse on you? That's what everyone else thinks, anyway."  She shook her head, and frowned in frustration.  "Why should you be any different...?"

The Absol nodded, seeming at last to understand, and sat down as he began to speak.  "Ah, so you're an Espurr. I've heard of your kind." He gave a brief, soft smile.  "In a sense... you and I, we can relate. Others often think my species are walking disasters. In reality, my kin can sense a natural disaster before it even happens. When we try to warn others, they think we're bringing the said disaster to them."

In all truth, this was the last thing she had been expecting to hear.  In fact, she never would have imagined such a response at all.  This Pokemon, a complete stranger, was claiming to understand exactly how Felice had felt all these years, and even had an understandable reason to do so.  Normally, Felice would have scoffed in a typical teenager style, with a "you don't know what it's like to be me".  But she, too, knew about the stories of Absols, and this individual didn't have anything to gain from lying to her... so she found no reason not to believe him... 

The Espurr was left simply stunned.  She wanted to say something in return, but in the end, couldn't find the words.  It was the Absol who spoke next.  "But, its not the case. Those who don't understand always fear the unknown."  

It was then that he stood up, and began to walk away.  A sort of panic rose from deep inside Felice.  Something urged her to reach out to him one last time.  Without thinking, she shouted, "...wait! You.  What's your name?"

The Absol stopped, and glanced back at her over his shoulder.  "You can call me Slash."

"Slash..."  Felice repeated under her breath, growing accustomed to the name.  "M-me... Felice."  It appeared as though she'd been too nervous to use her full name, but didn't pay it any mind.  Quickly she added, "H-hey! I... I live with these Ponyta and Rapidash.  We'll be here a few more days.  Maybe you could stop by sometime before we go?"

The Pokemon, now known to Felice as Slash, paused for a moment.  His expression looked thoughtful, but eventually gave a warm smile.  "I think I will.  Thanks for the invite."

Her only response being the smallest of nods, Felice watched silently as Slash continued on his way.  She hardly moved a muscle as she watched him fade into the distance, her only movement being the steady, yet subtle rise and fall of her chest.  It wasn't until the Absol was gone that she was interrupted, by a rumble in her tummy.

Oh, right... she still hasn't obtained any food.  Bummer.  Somehow the thought wasn't as disappointing as it would usually be, but her hunger was certainly a cold reminder that she'd be sleeping on an empty stomach, which was never fun.  But it couldn't be helped... it was getting late, and she should be well rested for another (hopefully more successful) foraging trip tomorrow.

In haste, Felice made her way back to the herd's encampment, climbed her lone tree, and settled in her nest.  Soon all the fire horses were asleep, but the Espurr remained tossing and turning, completely awake.  She couldn't get today's events out of her head.  Would the Absol come like she had suggested? She would like to see him again, although she wasn't entirely sure why.  Something about the strange, new Pokemon had sparked her curiosity, to the point where she had a hard time letting it go.  Why had she felt so drawn to someone she'd never met before? Why had feelings she'd tried SO hard to lock away suddenly resurfaced, simply because of just a single incident? Felice rolled her eyes and shook her head, forcing her worries away, tired of searching for answers that probably wouldn't come.  What would such knowledge accomplish, anyway? At last sleep overcame her.

It would be a long time before she realized why Slash's words struck Felice to her core that day.


The day was rather uneventful.  Felice wanted to stay behind, and wait for Slash, but knew that was unrealistic.  She needed to feed herself, and after all, she couldn't know if he was even coming or not.  So she set out that day just as she would normally.  While on her way to her usual spot, however, Fel learned why this path was so busy from a passing Poochyena, who said there was a large patch of berries and apples nearby.  With pleasure, Felice sought out this patch, indulging herself and returning home with more than a day's supply.  When she got there, she asked around the herd, trying to find out if a certain amber-eyed Absol had stopped by, but everyone said no.  Either they were telling the truth, were too scared of him, or too scared of her; at least that's what she told herself.  It didn't matter.  She had enough food stored; she'd wait him out tomorrow.  Tomorrow was the last day they'd be here.  He'd have to come.  Part of her thought, she needed him to...

What would occur on the next day would change her life forever.

When Felice stirred the next day, she muttered a couple indistinguishable words sleepily.  A sudden sense of urgency overcame her.  Was there something she'd forgotten? Something important? There was...


She sat up with a jolt of energy.  Today was the day she was going to stay behind, and wait for Slash.  She might have not seen him yesterday, but her apprehension was the same now as it had been then.  With a sort of hope  she didn't understand - after all, she had pretty much given up on such things as hope - the Espurr glanced around the camp.  

Everything seemed normal.  The children were playing, and the adults were doing their important grown-up stuff.  A couple older Rapidash were keeping watch, one of which scolded some far-off Ponyta who had wandered too far, who reluctantly came galloping back.  Felice expected to see a furry white, dark skinned Pokemon among them, his vibrant golden eyes gazing into hers.  Perhaps she shouldn't have been so surprised when her expectations let her down.  Had anyone ever apologized for casting her out? Or for all the names and insults they'd shouted at her? And had her parents - the Espurr choked - had ANY Pokemon, ANYWHERE, ever come to claim her? To take her away from this place, and give her the family her little heart had always desired.  No.  That's why she'd moved on, took care of herself, and made her own changes.  She thought she was over all this, and evidently she'd been wrong... her meeting with Slash seemed to have brought all that pain and anguish back to the surface.  But there was something else the Absol had managed to revive in young Felice...


That strange notion, which she had long since decided to give up on, had been resparked in the Espurr.  The very idea that there was someone else who understood her... who wasn't even afraid of her... and the chance of seeing that Pokemon again... part of Felice felt it must be too good to be true.  Perhaps she was just too afraid of being disappointed again.  But another part of her... despite everything... REALLY hoped it was true.  She couldn't help but have a little faith.  Besides, what could it hurt? She had gathered enough food for a couple days, and after that, the herd would be moving on.  She'd give Slash another chance.  She'd hope for one last day.  

Picking an apple out of her pile, and taking a bite out of it, Fel told herself that if this time was different, great.  If not... well... she had been right before, and would go back to how things were before, as if she had never met the strange Absol with the amber eyes.

Until then, however, she could only wait.

Hours passed.  Felice gave a deep breath, beginning to feel a bit bored.  She could tell it was what past Pokemon might have called noon; fathers were calling their children in for lunch, and mothers were arranging meals neatly.  Fel knew they wouldn't save any for her, and she had already eaten anyway, but sometimes it was interesting to watch what the others did.  After a while though, she got a little too envious observing the happy families, and decided to look around.  

Patrolling the perimeter of the camp, the Espurr eagerly perked her ears up slightly, just enough to catch any nearby sound.  Maybe Slash was hiding nearby, and just too shy to come forward? She couldn't blame him if that was the case.  Considering the Absol's reputation, and the critical nature of the herd, maybe he was waiting for her to come to HIM... with a scoff, Felice realized if it had been her, she probably would have done the same.

Suddenly, what should have been dead silence was a rustle in the forest to her left.  Felice jumped; catching up with the situation, her heart lept.  Was this it? Finally? Only a Pokemon could have made that sound.  It had to be him.  The Espurr turned, offering a rare smile.

But she had been wrong.  Again.  Her grin quickly disappeared, as if it had never been there.  Her eyes grew even wider than they already were, and she began to tremble in fear.  This time... Felice wasn't just disappointed.

She was terrified.

"This life is cruel, and that's not going to change anytime soon.  
I discovered that if you stop expecting happy endings... you won't be disappointed."


"The moment you stop waiting for good things to happen...
Is the moment you're free from the lie."


"Now that I've stopped hoping for what might come... 
I focus on the things in front of me.  The things that matter."


"That's why I survived.  Because if there's one thing we all know... 
What's in front of us won't be around forever.  That's why I won't waste time on hope.
I won't wait for something to happen.  I'm going to live in the present.
I'm going to make my own changes."

Relationships & Achievements

Felice the Espurr (wip)
The history is still in the works, since it's a sort of collaboration between Nini and me, but at least we know what Valor's Guildmaster is like~

As for relationships... Felice met a lot of Pokemon in her travels, and made a few friends here and there... hearing the stories and struggles of those she met.  She also offered assistance where she could, especially if it was to her own advantage.  At some point, when her history is finished I'll be ready to reflect on that, but in the meantime, just keep that in mind~

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Sohnii Reference by PancakeShiners
Sohnii Reference
Ok, so I redid a ref for Sohnii, complete with colors~ 
Sohnii Headshots by PancakeShiners
Sohnii Headshots
Needed to practice expressions.  What character did you think I would draw? XD

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