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Board is normally hosted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  However, I probably won't have time from the 7th-16th of August and after that it will be hosted on a case by case basic until I get home.

If you're interested in drawing or roleplaying with us, don't be afraid to ask!

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EBC: Philos the Clouded Leopard by PancakeShiners
EBC: Philos the Clouded Leopard
NOTE WHEN DRAWING THIS CHARACTER: I love to see others use their own eye styles when drawing my cats, instead of mimicking mine.  My cats only have one color per eye, everything else is purely the style.  Thank you!

╰☆ O T H E R  N A M E S ☆╮
Philly, Philly Cheese, Phil

╰☆ A G E ☆╮
1 year 3 months [started at 9 months]
Born May 28th

╰☆ G E N D E R ☆╮

╰☆ S P E C I E S ☆╮
Clouded Leopard [Neofelis Nebulosa]

╰☆ V O I C E ☆╮
His voice is rough and medium

╰☆ R A N K ☆╮

╰☆ T H E M E S ☆╮

Family & Traits

If you'd like your cat to play some part in his history, or be related to Philos, please let me know.  :] I have a few openings in his history that I would very much love to fill.

Father: Unknown clouded leopard
Mother: ???; clouded leopard [was captured; may be alive or dead]

Foster Mother: Avelina; Siberian/Caspian tiger [breeder]
Adoptive Sister: Ambrosia; caracal [Bounty Hunter Apprentice] PancakeShiners
Adoptive Sister: Camilla; tiger mix [unknown] MAY BE ADOPTED
Adoptive Brother: Cassiel, tiger mix [unknown] MAY BE ADOPTED
Adoptive Brother: Balius; tiger mix [deceased] 


Dominant: 50% Chance
Bullet; Purple brown eyes
Bullet; Purple rosette pattern
Bullet; Purple front leg spots
Bullet; Purple spine spots
Bullet; Purple sparse light undercoat
Bullet; Purple ear spots

Recessive: 25% Chance
Bullet; Purple neck pattern
Bullet; Purple face pattern
Bullet; Purple hind leg stripes
Bullet; Purple tail pattern
Bullet; Purple white muzzle
Bullet; Purple brown face

Carrier: 15%, 10% or 5% Chance
Bullet; Purple dark brown fur color [paternal; 5]
Bullet; Purple black paw stockings [paternal; 10]
Bullet; Purple broken rosettes [paternal; 15]
Bullet; Purple inner rosette spots [maternal; 15]
Bullet; Purple green eyes [maternal; 5]
Bullet; Purple black back due to larger spots [maternal; 10]

Physical Attributes

Philos really is your average clouded leopard.  He's just a little out of practice.
He's stocky, with plenty of muscle.  His legs are short and sturdy.  His body is long and sleek, but not so much so that it makes him appear thin or elegant.  His neck is also long, but not thin.  His muzzle is moderately wide and deep, but rather long, and his ears are a little big.  His tail is about as long as the rest of him is, and strong within reason.  His fur is rather short in length.  Like all clouded leopards, Philos is rather small compared to the other big cats, and will be a little shorter than a caracal at full size.  He also has large, stout paws. 

Though he doesn't have them yet, Philos will eventually learn to master most of the abilities that clouded leopards are known for.  Clouded leopards are said to be the link between big cats and small cats, but are believed to be closer related to cats of the panthera genus.  They can both purr and roar, and Philly thinks this is pretty nifty, so he will do both often just to show off how cool it is.  Their big muzzles give them biting abilities, and they're known best for being excellent climbers.  The idea of being a ninja kitty is amusing to Philos, but he has a long way to go yet.  He also loooves water like nothing else in the world, and will eventually become a decent swimmer.  Philos will also eventually develop good stamina and agility as part of his species' skill set, and if he weren't so overly enthusiastic he could probably be stealthy too.

However, although these things seem like fun, Philos is a slow learner and needs to be told things carefully and patiently, so he has a long way to go.  It gets frustrating at times, but I'm guessing with a mentor like Scorpio, things should work themselves out.

Philly's armor is made for mobility, because he does a lot of things that demand sharp turns and quick movement.  For that reason, the only solid metal thing on him is his choker.  His 'cape' is made of normal, but not fragile cloth, and on his chest and belly is stolen armor made of woven leather.  All of the metal in his armor is made of iron, and held together with leather straps.


Send away for a priceless gift
One not subtle, one not on the list

Philos' mother was a clouded leopard used solely for breeding.  Her relationship with her cub was a difficult one.  He wasn't born as a result of a romantic relationship; in fact, it was an arranged breeding, and she only met him once, so it really was hard to love little Philos.  He was always disappointed that she didn't like to play with him, and that they couldn't really connect.  In the end, she decided she wanted a better life for him, so when he was about a month old she tried to escape to the empires.  

Philos couldn't recall how exactly they managed to escape the city... he only remembered the pursuing bounty hunters that followed.  They ran, out of the dead zone and into Shadow Empire territory, but still the bounty hunters followed, and his mother was getting tired... before long, just inside the dense forest, she realized she wasn't going to be able to outrun them.  So, she did the unthinkable: she dropped Philos, in the hope that the bounty hunters would be distracted so she could escape.  One hunter stayed with Philos, while the other two continued the chase.  

Hours later, the hunters came back, with the female clouded leopard in their grasp, and they all went back to the city.  Philos never saw his mother again after that day.  After her stunt, she was deemed an unfit mother for Philos, and he himself couldn't help but feel a little bitter towards her after being told what exactly had happened by the hunters.  He was told that she had selfishly abandoned him so that she could escape to what she had told Philos would be their 'new home'.  Despite the attempt to teach Philos something, it was quite true.  He was given to Avelina, a tiger who had fighter in her bloodline, in the hope that she might have a desired influence on young Philos.

If you'd like to say your hunter met Philos this day, I'd love to work something out.

Send away for a perfect world
One not simply so absurd

Of course, when you're a clouded leopard raised by tigers, life isn't going to be perfect.  The cubs were rather rough on Philos, and the tigress raising him didn't have any sort of attachment to him, though she thought he might have potential later on in life.  For this reason, she always pushed him a bit harder than the others.  He always felt like he couldn't live up to the expectations he was given, and found it to be quite overwhelming.  The one thing that made his life enjoyable was his fellow foster cub, Ambrosia.  Though she was affected quite differently than Philos was, the two grew close and nearly inseparable as they grew older.  

It was a bit rough between Ambrosia and Philos, but not in a bad way.  She was always rambunctious and played hard, but found her to be endearing and amusing in the end.  She would always be up for a game once her urge to nibble on her brother passed, and they would sleep together when the day was over.

Philos did still care about his other siblings too, though, and looked up to the older and stronger Avelina.  He wanted very badly to impress her, even if deep down he doubted he ever would, and for this reason he was determined to become a fighter someday, even if the thought that he'd have to fight to the death was frightening.  That's what the humans wanted.  What the tigress wanted.  And if that's what it took, he was going to do his very best.  Besides, that's what Ambrosia wanted too.  She loved to fight, so she was always there to encourage her to do the same.  Fighting was never something Philos liked to do.  It felt rather awkward for him, but he ignored it and pushed on, driven only by the urge to prove himself and the belief that he had no other choice.

That is, until one day... something changed his mind.

In these times of doing what you're told
Keep these feelings, no one knows

Philos was hiding his discomforts and dislikes deep down.  He felt an obligation to become a coliseum fighter.  And after all, how bad could it be? He was about to find out.

Philos was three months old, and the time he'd spent with a foster mother and her cubs was coming to an end.  Soon he'd be old enough to start a life of his own, with a human not of his choosing, but in the very least he had some influence on what he did with his life.  At this point, he was confident that he was supposed to be a coliseum fighter, but he'd been influenced and brainwashed on that decision from the moment his mother abandoned him.  Of course, he was growing curious about where he would spend the rest of his days.  On a visit to Massilia's coliseum, he slipped away to do a little exploring.  Ambrosia was home sick that day, so the clouded leopard was alone.  And it was here that he stumbled across a dark, musky room while trying to find a way into the coliseum.  Curiously, he didn't hesitate to head inside to explore it.  Inside he found many cages with cats in them.  He thought it was strange; he'd never seen cats in cages before.  It was here that, after striking a conversation with one, Philos discovered that being a fighter was not all it was cracked up to be.  In fact, it sounded terrible - like some sort of nightmare.  Since his owner's home was just outside the coliseum, he didn't even go to find the others who had come with him to the arena... he just ran straight home after hearing all that.  He wasn't sure what he was going to do.  But one thing's for certain; he definitely didn't want to be a coliseum cat anymore.

The next day, Philos immediately made his thoughts known to Avelina, and started changing his behavior to give their owner the idea that he wanted to be something else.  Everyone was confused by Philos' sudden change in behavior, and Ambrosia tried to change his mind back so they could train together, but his mind was made up, and by the time the cubs were old enough to be sold, it was apparent that Philos was designated to become a Guard.

Just as she had tried to convince him, Philos tried to change Ambrosia's mind.  She was a friend, no, a sister to him, and he didn't want to see her in a dirty cage, only to be eventually killed in the coliseum.  But she was a stubborn cat, and one who loved to fight, almost needed to at times.  She was headed down a very different path.

I'd like to determine which cat it was that changed Philos' mind.  Let me know, and we'll figure it out.

Whatever happened to the young man's heart?
Swallowed by pain as he slowly fell apart

Both Philos and Ambrosia began their separate training sessions... while they still found time to be together occassionally, it was never quite the same again.  The training sessions were hard on Philly.  They left him exhausted and anxious.  At the end of the day, he strived to go and find his caracal friend, where they would play a brief game like they used to, enjoy a cuddle if they could but he would always refuse if she asked to playfight.  Though still cheery and loving, Ambrosia was getting a little rougher, which scared him... it was always on his mind, but in the end, he decided they were still brother and sister, and he should support her no matter her decision.  And thus, Philos didn't hesitate to go to his friend's first fight.

Before she entered the arena, Philos stopped to talk to his friend... telling her how the cat had told him that to survive the arena, you had to be savage and heartless... even if you started out innocent, you couldn't survive unless the coliseum changed you.  And that was what scared Philos the most.  He couldn't imagine Ambrosia changing until fairly recently... and so he asked her to promise that she wouldn't change.  To which she quickly replied, "Of course, silly! Who else would I be but myself?"
...he didn't quite think that she understood what he meant, but their time was up.  Philos gave his friend one last hug, and watched her go.  Only after she was inside did he realize that he might not see her alive again.

The clouded leopard forced himself to sit through the fight, tensing every time the ocelot opponent attacked his friend.  And even when she did get out alive, he was a little scared.  Ambrosia had killed someone... but there was no sign of fear on her face.  And when he tried to greet her as she walked out, she didn't stop, didn't even meet his eye.  She looked so confused... Philos didn't quite realize it, and still doesn't know... but it was the first step Amber took towards becoming a monster.

And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45
Swimming through the ashes of another life

At 7 months old, Philos becomes a Guard for Massilia.  He never saw Ambrosia fight after that first time, and would eventually avoid her if she approached him, making an excuse to get away or simply just running off.  It was now that Philos began to feel very alone.  All links to his past were gone, and his job left him exhausted when his shift was over, whether it be a day or night job.  As time went on, he grew to like his life less and less, only wanting that simple, carefree life back.  Or better yet, start a new life altogether.  And that is what brought his thoughts to the empires.

All the cats in the city knew about them, even young ones like Philos.  But because of what his mother did, and what he'd been told, Philos always thought of the empire cats as selfish and rebellious... he was hesitant to escape for this very reason, and didn't intend to leave Massilia in the first place.  However, there was one particular day, when he was 9 months old, that Philos made the rash decision to leave Massilia forever.

Ambrosia had pulled him aside that day.  She demanded to know why he was avoiding her.  She asked if their friendship meant anything to him anymore.  And when he didn't answer, she slashed his face.  Philos snapped.  But in the end, all he really did was call her a demon and walked away.  What he hadn't known was Ambrosia was feeling rather alone herself.  She'd just become a bounty hunter apprentice, and had needed some comforting, but had obviously gone the wrong way about it.  Philos probably wouldn't have walked away if he had known, nor would he have reacted so rashly that night.

There were only two cats guarding the entrance to the city.  Philos, and a larger, more experienced Guard.  He was still new and not entirely trusted, so he wasn't allowed to guard alone.  Philos was faced one direction, towards the inside of the city, and the other facing the empires.  Suddenly, a rush of fur went right past Philos; a cat was trying to escape, and he hadn't even seen it coming.  As the larger Guard chased after it, that's when his rash decision was made.  Using the escapee as a distraction, Philos escaped himself unnoticed, and quickly disappeared in the forests of Shadow Empire.  

He's never told anyone, but he didn't go any further than Shadow Empire on purpose, because if Ambrosia ever changed and tried to escape too... that was the most likely place that she would go.  As much as he didn't like what happened, he still loved his foster sister deep down.

No real reason to accept the way things have changed
Staring down the barrel of a 45...
-- Shinedown, '45'

A new life.  That's what Philos wanted, and that's what he got.
He quickly learned that the empires were not what he'd been told they were.  In fact, many of them were not selfish at all... Shadow Empire was very welcoming, and within only a week he found himself able to smile again.  He became very childish, just as he used to be... because of his experience, he was afraid of change, and always looked back on his childhood, so he covered pain with fear.  

He's almost a different cat now.  Through his new experiences in Shadow Empire, he's all but forgotten the emotional pain he felt in Massilia.  It's still there, but he's learned to cover it up, and deal with it in private if it ever surfaces.  Shadow Empire was an entirely new start for Philos, and it helped him to overcome his difficulties, making him happier than he's ever been.

The one thing that Philos currently struggles with is his training itself.  He's a very slow learner, and needs to be walked through his training carefully.  In addition, Philos has become a huge pacifist, and hates fighting, which will likely pose a problem in the future.  Until then, he's making new friends, learning the ropes, and trying hard to keep up with everyone else.


- he has a very laid back and carefree personality.  He doesn't like to take things seriously, rather preferring to enjoy his life and all that it has to offer.  He doesn't sweat the details and prefers to look at the big picture.  It's for this reason that he tends to panic in highly stressed situations and times that involve his possible death.  It's at these times that he requires the support of his empire-mates to do things right.

Friendly - hostility is not in Philos's nature.  He's a very friendly, social cat who prefers to make love, not war.  Philos is a good friend.  He's always there to listen and offer advice, though said advice might not always be particularly useful.  Despite everything though, when it comes to the bounty hunters he has no room for love.  While the other empires he has very little problem making peace with, he knows the situation between the empires and bounty hunters and knows to avoid them.

Fun-loving - Philos always enjoys a good game.  He loves to have fun, whether that be an intentional activity or simply enjoying the tasks of being a member of an empire.  It tends to get in the way for him, or get him into trouble a lot.  Unfortunately, old habits break hard, and oftentimes his desire for fun often gets him hurt.

Unforgiving - despite being friendly, cheerful, and loving, he has a hard time forgiving anyone.  Though easy to take advantage of, if you betray or wrong him, it takes a considerable amount of effort to win back his trust.  Being rather gullible as well as holding grudges are two traits that tend to clash a lot, but in all honesty, deep down Philos fights to remain trustful.  He doesn't want his experiences to change him.

Gullible - his biggest weakness is that Philos hardly ever fails to trust someone upon first meeting them.  Despite feeling unsure about someone, or any skeptical emotions he may have, he will give in to pity every time.  It's extremely easy for him to be taken advantage of.  He's also very unaware of things in general; he rarely ever knows what's going on around him.

Secretive - despite being a cat who will without a doubt listen when someone needs it, he doesn't usually express his own feelings very well until it all comes outwards.  Simply, it makes him feel vulnerable and awkward, being a rather cheerful character he doesn't like to reveal the side of him that is rather uncomfortable, particularly concerning Ambrosia and his mother.  Philos doesn't have outbursts when this negative energy reveals itself, he usually manages to remain rather calm when he can't hold it in anymore, though to remain that way constantly would be impossible.

Bold - this cat is witty and sure of his actions.  He has no problems, most of the time, acting on first impulse.  Seeing as he doesn't really worry about things, Philos doesn't hold back the majority of the time.  Mostly, he won't hesitate to follow an order, whatever it may be.  There are, however, some things that may stop him in his tracks.

Positive - he's probably known more for his cheerful, 'look at the cup full' sort of nature than anything else.  He doesn't like to worry about anything, and you can count on him not acting otherwise.  He likes to take things slow and will almost always look at things in a positive light.  Again, when he can't put such a spin on a situation, Philos doesn't function correctly and requires support.  One downside to this trait is his short attention span.  

Energetic - Philos has an enormous amount of energy.  He tends to talk fast, react quickly, even be a bit twitchy when he's impatient to get things done.  This trait can be either a strength or a flaw depending on the circumstances.

Humerous - Philos is a bit of a clown, and he does like to poke fun in a light-hearted way.  He's a bit of a tease, especially likes to bother the more serious characters.  He doesn't mind a prank every now and then.  However, he's not a particularly annoying cat and rarely takes it too far with more sensitive felines (most of the time).  But... he has been known to taunt enemies in this way. He'll do that eventually.

Pacifist - Philos doesn't like to fight.  In fact, he pretty much refuses to most of the time,
and when training for battle he's most likely gonna stand there like a deer in headlights.  If he were forced into a battle, he's probably going to hide around cats he trusts, such as Scorpio or Seidon.  This is something he'll have to get past eventually.

Quick Notes

~Since he started to enjoy empire life, Philos wakes up just at the crack of dawn, sometimes even before the sun rises.  First on his agenda is waking up his mentor, so they can start the day. Second, if he feels like it he may pull pranks on sleeping cats.

~Philos is crazy about water.  Just mention a river, lake or pond and he'll immediately want to swim in it.  Whenever a hunting party is mentioned, he's going to ask if fishing is involved.

~Philos also likes climbing, just like any clouded leopard.  He'll climb on just about anything.  He likes the idea of using that to his advantage, and always sleeps in trees, never on the ground.

~There's a reason that Philos is so childish and care free.  He's become this way to cover up his pain, and it's healed him quite considerably, but he still hides his worries, fears, and anger from others using this method.  It's to the point where he doesn't even want to act mature or serious, because he doesn't like change and he cherishes his childhood above everything else.  This is likely to cause problems in the future.  

~Philos never talks about his past or his feelings.  He will usually only break down when he's alone.  Currently, though, the pain he felt in Massilia is far away.  Nothing is really bothering him.  He will cheerfully avoid the subject if asked.

~Philos is generally a friendly guy, but sometimes will tease and prank cats too far, not be sensitive enough where it's due, and say things he probably shouldn't say.  He tries to get these resolved quickly, but in some situations it's just not possible.

~When babysitting, Philos acts more like one of the cubs than an actual babysitter, making him more of a burden than one of the helpers.

~When playing with cubs, Philos gets so excited he forgets he's often bigger than them, and may play too roughly.


Rohan, one who travels the higher path by PancakeShiners
Rohan, one who travels the higher path
NOTE WHEN DRAWING THIS CHARACTER: I love to see others use their own eye styles when drawing my cats, instead of mimicking mine.  My cats only have one color per eye, everything else is purely the style.  Thank you!

Stuff.  c:

Wait, did I say no more EBC cats?



╰☆ O T H E R  N A M E S ☆╮
"one who travels the higher path" in Sanskrit

╰☆ A G E ☆╮
About 1 month

╰☆ G E N D E R ☆╮

╰☆ S P E C I E S ☆, ╮
Cheetah [Acinonyx jubatus] + Clouded Leopard [Neofelis nebulosa]

╰☆ V O I C E ☆╮
Jason Michas (Takua from Bionicle: Mask of Light)

╰☆ R A N K ☆╮

╰☆ T H E M E S ☆╮

Family & Traits

Let me know if you'd like to be related to Rohan, or play some part in his history.

Father: ???
Mother: ???
Sister: ???


Dominant: 50% Chance
Bullet; Black darker dense, blotchy spots
Bullet; Black half tear marks
Bullet; Black half underbite
Bullet; Black big nose

Recessive: 25% Chance
Bullet; Black tighter rosettes
Bullet; Black lighter blotchy spots (tail and paws)
Bullet; Black hair tuft
Bullet; Black purple eyes

Carrier: 15%, 10% or 5% Chance
full cheetah markings [maternal, 10%]
full clouded leopard markings [paternal, 5%]
darker brown fur [paternal, 15%]
more yellow fur [maternal, 15%]
soft green eyes [paternal, 10%]

Physical Attributes

Rohan's defining trait is that he's strangely... average.  His parents were both opposites physically, which really resulted in a balanced cub.  Sure, his nose is big, his chest is a little larger, and his tail longer, but overall he doesn't really have many talents, strengths, or weaknesses.  He also seems to grow slower than other cubs, which leaves him behind the others, contributing to a low self confidence.  He often struggles to keep up with others his age.

He always wears his bell collar and parchment carrier.


Is it a kind of dream floating out on the tide?
Following the river of death downstream...
Or is it a dream?

Rohan had a seemingly humble beginning, even if he has no knowledge of it... his father was a clouded leopard, belonging to a mercenary.  He spent his whole life trained as a killer, helping his owner take down outlaws and any small pets they might have.  His master had other, larger cats who took down any other outlaws and larger enemy animals, but his clouded leopard was his prized, loyal partner.  For a long time, life was good.  That is, until the time that he fell in love.  There was a pretty, blotchy cheetah.  The two of them grew very close, and eventually she fell pregnant.  She was frightened, but he assured her that everything would be fine.  Of course that all changed when the truth came out: she was a cat owned by a dangerous outlaw that her mate and his owner had been tailing.  Feeling loyal to his owner, he felt that she had only gotten closer to him to protect her own master.  An argument resulted, and eventually it became more aggressive, until the two started fighting.  The clouded leopard was injured, and after realizing that her master had been killed by the mercenary, the cheetah made a choice.  She ran away from the city, and joined the empires.  In particular, Fire Empire.

There's a fog along the horizon... a strange glow in the sky...
And nobody seems to know where you go, and what does it mean?
Ohhh, is it a dream?

You'd think that everything would have ended there, right? Rohan was born into an empire, and ready to begin a whole new life.  But that's not what happened.

True, was born in the empires.  He did live a good life in the time that he was there.  He does have several good, happy flashbacks from this time of his life.  However, it was then that everything changed.

It seemed, to Rohan, like any other day.  But it wasn't... because this was the day that he and his mother encountered the hunters for the first time.  She was killed, and seeing her body drop to the ground, seeing her not get up, then being carried away from his home against his will by the hunter who killed her... it was all too much for the cub, and it changed him.  In an effort to protect him from trauma, the young cub's mind suppressed the memory, resulting in amnesia.  He has some flashbacks of his past, but none of that night.  For now, he passes off the amnesia as being too young to remember anything, and doesn't really question his heritage... yet.

Where will Rohan's life lead? What kind of hunter will he be? He doesn't know for sure.  It all depends on the cats he meets, the direction he's given, and his life experiences... all of that lies ahead, in the future...

Is it a kind of shadow...Reaching into the night...
Wandering over the hills unseen?
Or is it a dream?

late cub-hood~

There's a high wind in the trees... A cold sound in the air...
But nobody ever knows when you go... or where do you start?
Ohhh, into the dark...


Bright eyes, burning like fire...
Bright eyes, how can you close and fail?
How can the light that burned so brightly
Suddenly burn so pale?
Bright eyes...
-- Simon & Art Garfunkel, "Bright Eyes"


Reckless & Foolish 

Unfortunately, Rohan just doesn't know how to think things through.  At times, he doesn't even try either.  He just dives head-on into a situation, either ignoring or oblivious to the risks.  He doesn't seem to have common sense or any degree of good judgement, and doesn't realize the consequences of his actions until it's too late.

Dreamer, Adventurous & Bold

Rohan dares to aim for the stars.  No goal is too big for him.  However, he never actually does anything about it... he spends a lot of time wishing and daydreaming, but hardly ever acts on his desires.  However, he is still a very outgoing cub, who loves to have fun and explore.  As long as it is something current, he can have a lot of motivation, and shows little to no restraint.

Nosy & Unlucky

Not seeming to understand the concept of privacy and personal space, Rohan tends to be way too invasive and pushy towards others, never really understanding that he should mind his own business and NOT eavesdrop.  He certainly has a way of poking his big nose where it doesn't belong, and as a result, he has a reputation for getting into trouble.  Often the kind his parents have to rescue him from.

Inquisitive & Nerdy

Rohan is a very curious cub... he's always asking lots and lots of questions, even when others try to get him to stop and shy him away.  He just about any information, whether useful or not.  He's really good at memorizing and reciting it, but doesn't really know how to apply this knowledge.  He's more of just an encyclopedia.  For this same reason, he actually really loves stories of any kind, whether fact or fiction, and may come to love telling them when he's older.

Energetic & Attention Deficit

Although he has his moments, usually Rohan is not known to be bouncing off the walls.  However, he's never happy to be sitting in one place for very long.  He actually hates sitting still and always seems to be going somewhere, or just wandering off, even when he's told to stay put by his parents.  He seems to make a habit ending up in peculiar places, and a lot of complaints are raised as a result of his behavior.  He also has a ridiculously short attention span and is easily distracted.

Cowardly & Bashful

He isn't really known for being timid, but when faced directly with anything scary or dangerous, Rohan is the first to run away.  So when it comes down to it, he's actually not as brave as he seems.  He thinks he can stand up to something and is dismissive of risks, but the truth is he's a big chicken.  He's not confrontational and would rather run from a problem.  He's also known to be easily embarrassed, and stutters and shies away from anyone who he looks up to or has a crush on.

Insecure, Unconfident & Pessimistic

Quick to assume the worst and not really sure of himself, Rohan isn't sure what kind of hunter he wants to be and isn't sure if he'd be particularly good at it.  He admires his parents but his difficulties make him question himself.  He doesn't really value himself very highly and doesn't believe in himself either.  So until he does, he tries his best to just enjoy his life...

Quirky & Outcast

You'll notice that Rohan is a very strange little cub, with a lot of quirks and flaws that make him pretty weird.  For this reason, it's really set him apart from the other tribunes, and not in a good way.  True, sometimes it can be endearing, but it can be damaging too.  It can be said that he has a negative reputation.  As a result, he is very much set apart from the others... he would much rather go off on his own than try to go with the crowd, change his image and live up to the expectations of others.  However, he does get lonely from time to time.

Disorganized & Clumsy

It can easily be said that Rohan is very sloppy and doesn't really pay attention where he should.  If he has a bet, it's not going to be kept neatly.  He makes a big mess when he eats.  And he doesn't pay attention to his appearance.  His klutz doesn't help his situation either... you want to keep him away from anything breakable, because he's likely to knock it over or destroy it somehow.


Mentally, Rohan is very slow, and not quick to realize jokes or insults.  He also takes everything as face value and is relatively easy to trick.  Complicated things confuse him, and sometimes simple things too.

Irresponsible & Carefree

Rohan hates the feeling that he's being depended on, and doesn't like the idea of any sort of responsibility at all.  He would much rather enjoy himself and take things easily.  Words like 'duty' and 'responsibility' don't really mean much to him, and will likely only push him away, especially since he doesn't quite feel like he belongs.


:Black-orb: ~One of Rohan's biggest insecurities is in his abnormally large nose.  The fact that he tends to sniffle almost constantly doesn't really help either.  He's actually even considered having a nose-patch made to cover it up.  

:Black-orb: ~Not very attentive to his appearance, Ro is always pretty scruffy looking.  He doesn't really take the time to flatten his fur.  He doesn't usually appreciate being groomed... not because he likes to look messy, but because he doesn't like sitting still for long.

:Black-orb: ~Because of his tendency to get lost, break things, wander off and generally get into trouble, Rohan always carries a piece of parchment strapped to one leg as an apology to anyone who's been inconvenienced and happens to find him there.  Rohan is the type of cat who tends to hang out with the wrong crowd, and incorrectly influenced by more troublesome cats.  Because of all this, his owners decided it was necessary, and he never goes anywhere without it.

:Black-orb: ~Rohan has a tendency to recite facts from memory, often at random or inconvenient times.

:Black-orb: ~This tribune is prone to short memory flashes.  He doesn't know where they're from, or what they mean.  He's not sure if they're a memory, or even a dream.

:Black-orb: ~Absolutely CAN NOT talk to girls.  

:Black-orb: ~Late bloomer... it doesn't seem like Rohan is quite up to par with other cats his age, both physically and emotionally, which is another source of anxiety for him.  

:Black-orb: ~His collar was a gift from his mother, but he doesn't know that.

:Black-orb: ~Rohan was inspired by Takua from Bionicle.

:Black-orb: ~This little cub has a strange affinity for wearing human clothes in peculiar ways.  He's also known to take clothing that doesn't belong to him, though he has every intention of returning it.

Roleplay Examples

The snow leopard's words hit the cheetah in a way even he didn't expect.  Perhaps it was because he lost his innocence at a young age, being told that he was not only to die, but to be killed and skinned for his pelt once he was old enough.  For this reason, he couldn't help but scoff at Abella's words.  In his opinion, it wasn't right to hide the truth from the cubs, but since he was older now... he understood why she did it, and she was the blacksmith so it was her word against his, right? Didn't stop him from glaring briefly, but it was gone within seconds, and he turned back to Xephos.  This cub wasn't like the others.  Truth be told, neither was Allora, but something drew him to this one in particular.  He tilted his head at the hybrid's response.  A story, huh? He wasn't much for games, much less stories as a child, but whatever floats your boat, right?

The apprentice was rather adamant about not telling a story at first, but strangly, and annoyingly he might add, something about cubs seemed to... soften him a little.  Ew.  Oh well, he couldn't do anything about it, so paused for a moment.  Maybe... maybe he would give it a shot? Sohnii was sure that if he was here, Garen would encourage him to do so... probably.  "So, uh... you two up for a story?" The nervousness was written all over his face.  A spiky cheetah with social issues, speaking to an audience was not on his list of favorite things.  "I guess I could give it a shot.  Maybe.  Sorta."  He still wasn't sure, and it was all too obvious... he even glanced at Acacia and Aglaia self-consciously.  But he cleared his throat anyway.  "Once... once upon a time... once upon a... hmm..." His mind seemed to have drawn a blank.  How were you supposed to do this again.  "Uh, what kind of story did you two want to hear, huh?" He hoped they didn't expect too much... he was a total noob at this.  They better not laugh or get mad at him either when in inevitably fell flat.  His fur prickled at the thought.
Piplup-Luv LadyDelaisol cusackanne Sky-Lily Elec-1 

Board is normally hosted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  However, I probably won't have time from the 7th-16th of August and after that it will be hosted on a case by case basic until I get home.

If you're interested in drawing or roleplaying with us, don't be afraid to ask!

Also if you don't want to receive these messages, let me know and I'll stop tagging you.
Starting around August, I'm going to be putting my focus on the following roleplays.  All my others, I may post in but progress will be slow.  I won't post in them at all while I'm on the west coast, starting on the 7th.  I'll be especially busy for the first week and a half, but I do have access to a phone and limited data.  After that I should have more time, but I'm still going to be careful.

Sohnii - Theodoron's Rescue Patrol
Ambrosia - to be confirmed (I want her guarding Sewer Entrance A)
Penelope - Evira's Healer Encampment
Ophelia - Fire Empire Camp
Nairo - Zireena's Scouts
Arkita - Evander's Rescue Patrol (second priority)
Xalo - to be confirmed (not sure where she's going, first priority)
Philos - Shadow Empire Camp

The following are ones I'll try to keep up on as much as possible, but have a lower priority.

Vivian - Air Empire Camp (first priority)
AmbrosiaXPhilosXJudasXSeidon (aiming to be finished)
ArkitaXQuintin (aiming to be finished)

Now, post-war, according to the journal I recently posted... there are certain roleplays that I would like to get going.  I'm going to tag people here, with possible ideas.  I AM LIKELY TO END A LOT OF OLD ROLEPLAYS.  I would like to start off fresh, especially with Ambrosia, Philos, and Vivian.  Remember that these are just ideas, and can happen at any time.  You have no obligation whatsoever.  In fact, some of these may be better completed later.










I know these people are busy, but I'd still like to have certain interactions take place at some point when they feel it would be a little easier to do so.  This is just to let them know.  Talking out situations works just as well, too.  



I've also added a few others I'm interested in, but I don't really have any ideas right now.



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